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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy–Week 32 (Thirty! Two!)

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32 weeks Wow, amiright? This is me lounging in my usual position on the chaise over the weekend.  This is not just a belly.  It’s a BELLEH.

I had hoped to have photos to share from our family portrait session, but they decided to wait and do some edits before showing them to us, so I won’t see them until Thursday. That being said, this is my only current 32 weeks shot.

The past week was pretty eventful! We took our family photos on Saturday.  This is something that I really like to do before we bring home a new baby (or 2)–photograph our family for the last time as we are now.  In fact, here are the ones we had done just before Hannah arrived (with a bonus story about my run in with labor and delivery that very night due to a fall). I keep marveling at how gross I looked during that pregnancy as opposed to now.  In any case, I really can’t wait to see the photos, even though Hannah was difficult through most of it. Hopefully I will be able to share them here soon.

Sunday, a few of my girlfriends and I had plans to go out for lunch.  I know I mentioned it on Twitter, but surprises (and reacting to surprise in general) make me really uncomfortable,  so when Ed told me a few weeks ago that the girls were planning a surprise shower, I sort of panicked.  The told me we were going to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and I was going to be really disappointed if we didn’t actually go there! It ended up being fantastic though.  2 of the girls picked me up, and we stopped at K’s house where they had gifts waiting for me.  After I opened them all (new boppy, tub, bath stuff, towels, clothes, wipes, detergent etc.) we did head off to lunch and had a fantastic time.  I can’t describe how good it feels to have good local friends again after what seemed like forever of all my friends either being out of town or living inside my computer.

Yesterday was my 32-week ultrasound, and I cannot even believe how much bigger the babies are after just 4 weeks.  The ultrasound tech struggled to get good measurements because there is just so much baby filling me up.  Sadly, Miss Molly is still breach and her head is sort of locked under Gus’s feet.  He has long legs that are wedged way up under my ribs, and is more transverse than head down.  It looks like we are without a doubt headed to c-section city. The babies weigh in at 4lba12oz (Molly) and 5lbs (Gus). We are still under Eddie’s total birth weight, but you have to figure with fluid and placentas, not to mention that they are 2 separate people, that I have never in my life been as pregnant as I am now.   We did get some decent baby face shots.  Gus (Baby B) makes me just want to shout “CHEEEEKS!” They were so prominent that I pointed them out on the screen.

Here is Molly (and this is the best picture we have of her to date, the little monkey):


And here’s Gus:


It’s maybe harder to tell from the scanned version, but I can totally see their little faces.  Real live babies, you guys!

I also got a lot of my baby shopping finished last week, and got their bag  packed for the hospital.  All of the clothes are washed.  Now I just need to worry about myself.

Ed and his brother started gutting the back room yesterday as well…actually it is pretty well gutted, so it seems as though we all will have a place to sleep by the time the babies arrive.

I’m having a hard time believing that I will actually make it through these next 5  weeks without spontaneously going in to labor. I’m thinking positively though.  I tell myself often “You are not having these babies today.”.

So, before we know it…babies.  BABIES! I think I am almost ready!

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  1. Babies! Can’t wait to see the family pictures too. 😀

  2. I’m not entirely sure when the shock of you having twins is going to wear off, but I’m still kind of…surprised. TWO BABIES! INSIDE YOU! Dude.

  3. I agree with K absolutely! I think even more so because I know the truth that it was K who knocked you up that weekend. & I WAS THERE!!!

  4. Like. Oh my God!? It is just so OUT THERE!!!


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