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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy–week 31 (THIRTY! ONE!)

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So, if things continue as they are, meaning that Miss Molly stays breach, I am having a C-section 6 weeks from today. 6 weeks.  2 babies.  This scares the ever loving crap out of me.

My OB appointment last week was routine.  Everything is fantastic.  If anything, my blood pressure is too low. But, as far as the dr. could tell, the babies are still in the same positions. We decided to schedule a C-section now in order to get a good time slot with the understanding that IF she flips, we will induce instead.  So.  The C-section is scheduled for 3/12. If we induce, it may be the 11th or 13th instead.  In any case, 6 weeks.  SIX.

My work shower was last week, and though it was small, it was fun.  I am now the proud owner of a double stroller, the My Brest Friend double nursing pillow, Easter outfits, blankets and bibs. These are also the only photos I got of my belly this week.  I am not angry or possessed as these photos might indicate.  If you look closely at the middle one, you can see my alien belly button.

46345_4627196790358_1347106995_n 309869_4627193230269_1672812831_n 550226_4627179429924_108465029_n

I had lunch with some friends at Pizza Hut yesterday and the server was a total creeper.  She started by saying as I walked in “Oh my GOD, when are you due? Like, right now?”, then asked to touch my belly, harassed me about their names and was just an overall pain in the ass. If I wasn’t afraid of her spitting in my food, I’d have been nasty to her.

We have gotten the whole basement cleaned out, and Ed is prepping to start the process of swapping rooms and officially making room for these babies.  It just keeps getting more and more real.

Finally, we have family photos scheduled for Saturday.  I’m excited to have the last photo of our family of 5 and to showcase the belly.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to include some of those in next week’s post.

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  1. Babies =)!!!! You look AMAZING!

    I got the burp cloths in the mail yesterday, and hopefully they’ll arrive more quickly than @meanliving’s diapers!

  2. It’s hard to believe that they will be here that soon! Good luck finishing all your preparations before that. I really need to get your package in the mail, so you have things when the babies arrive. 😉

  3. Preeeeetty sure I would not have managed to bite my tongue at the waitress. Where do people learn that it’s ok to say things like that to strangers? IN PUBLIC?

  4. You look so good (love your hair!)

  5. If I ever have another baby it will be solely for the purpose of SCHOOLING rude people. I will just walk around with a pregnant lady vendentta, spewing one liners like, “Yes, it’s just one.” “Don’t touch me.” “It’s a baby, we’re pretty sure.” “Why do you care, STRANGER, about my baby’s name?” “Never, EVER, tell me a horror story about your cousin’s birth.”

    You look adorable.


  6. FAMILY PICS OMGEEEE!!! I can’t wait to see them. They are going to be so good. I will send Molly flippy thoughts.

  7. You look so amazing – I have some serious hair any right now. And thank you for posting what you got, because I totally wanted to ask when you posted the cupcakes but I’m pretty sure it’s rude to be like “WHATCHA GIT?” any time someone says they had a shower.

  8. Hair ENVY. I can’t even blame my phone for that one.

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