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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 30 (THIRTY!!)

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My belly is stretched so thin that the skin shines.  It itches.  My belly button has a life of its own. This is new territory.  I’ve been big before; don’t get me wrong.  All of my pregnancies have come with an extra large belly, but I am no longer what you would consider just plain big.  I’m BIIIIIIG.

Really though, it’s just in the belly.  I am smaller everywhere else than I normally am.  I am buying maternity pants a size smaller than my regular pants. I bought a petite pair of jeans last week that fit! (Though I did exchange them regulars to have a little more give in the thigh)

I enter for the record exhibits A and B. I went in to Ed’s office last week for some meetings AND because I like his bathroom mirror and the lighting in there.  I don’t know, though.  I’m starting to believe the people who tell me that I look fantastic. I did not do my hair or put on makeup this day.  AND I was sick! Anyway, I’m not saying that I’m going to go out and win beauty contests, I just want to point it out for the record, that I feel like I look pretty good given my state of knockeduppedness. This is also my new favorite shirt.

30 weeks1

30 weeks2

Anyway, I’ve been off of work for a week now, and while I’ve made less progress on the house than I would have liked (thanks to STILL being sick), the basement is nearly clean. I’ve self imposed a restriction on washing any baby clothes until it’s done, and we really are close. The overall plan is to dedicate 4ish hours a day to house projects–and I’m talking ones where I don’t have to be on my feet.  Standing for long (ok, any) periods of time irritates the old ute. We have a lot to do though, as Ed and I still need to take over the master suite and get all the baby stuff set up in there.

I have a baby shower this Friday being thrown by my friends from work.  The thing about working with the same people for nearly 13 years, is that they know me so well.  My friend Ro knows that I hate surprises (and she can’t keep secrets, so this works out) and has already told me what they’re buying me. I’m excited about it–as much as I love working from home, I do miss seeing them every day.

I also have my regular checkup set for tomorrow–every 2 weeks now! I can tell the babies are running out of room in there because I’m feeling more squirming than hardcore kicking.  Even though I know they’re in there, hearing the heartbeats always eases my mind. I have a break on the ultrasound front until 2/4, but after that it will be sonos and n/s tests and all kinds of fun stuff, probably weekly. I’m going to enjoy the break for now.


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  1. You look so amazing! I can’t believe the babies are nearly here. Can we get pics of your naked shiny skinned belly? 🙂

  2. You look awesome! 30 weeks!

  3. You look great!

  4. You look wonderful! So excited for you that you’re getting closer to meeting your babies!

  5. You really do look great. So happy!

  6. You DO look gorgeous. Also really happy. And yes, fabulous shirt!

  7. You look beautiful! I feel that pregnant women glow more rarely than old wives tales would suggest, but you actually are glowing.

  8. Oh, these are such great pictures. Hi Molly! Hi Gus!

  9. I love these pics – you look amazing! I hope you are still feeling good since I realize I’m about a week behind. I CAN NOT wait to see pics and hear stories about Molly and Gus. SO EXCITING.


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