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What Actually Happened & BONUS Family Photo Horror

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Oh, hi there! It’s me….the one who could have had her baby yesterday, but panicked and high-tailed it out of the hospital.

We had our portraits done at 3PM yesterday and then I dropped Hub, and the kids off at Tae Kwon Do while I ran over to the bank and the grocery store for dinner. It was raining pretty badly and on my way in to the store I noticed how slippery the bottoms of my flip-flops flt on the painted crosswalk in the parking lot. I made sure to take extra care on my way out, as it was still pouring, but then, out of the blue, I was on the ground on my hands and knees. I’m still not actually sure what happened, but the feeling in my ankle would suggest that somehow it twisted and I lost my balance. A woman ran over to help me up as I was in the middle of the crosswalk, and cars passing by just stared. I was mortified. I insisted I was OK, and let her help me back to my car, where I sat and shook for a few minutes before heading back over to TKD.

It didn’t really occur to me to call the doctor right away, but after being home for a bit, and having had contractions since the time I fell, I decided to call just to see. She was concerned about placental abruption, so suggested that I go in and get checked out. Which I did. The on call doctor was nice, the first man-OB I’ve ever dealt with, but it was no big deal. He checked me out, ran a whole bunch of tests, and I contracted every 5 minutes the entire time. The nurses had told me that since my cervix wasn’t changing from the contractions, they’d probably send me home. I thought I was disappointed.

Hub left for a bit to go set his employee up at a job since I was just laying there anyway, waiting for test results. The doctor, nurse and med student came in soon after all “so, how do YOU feel?? Do you think you’re in labor??? What do you think you want to do????” and so on. It was as if they were saying “We’re not going to say let’s induce right now, but if you say the word, we will.” I told them I felt trapped, and weird and that they were really freaking me out. The doctor said “Bottom line, we can get things going if you want to but who knows how long it will take. If I were you, I would go home, eat something (because I hadn’t) and sleep and see how things play out.” So that’s what I chose to do.

Which is why I’m not complaining about still being pregnant today because it’s my own damn fault.


I hate our family photos. Actually, I like the way that I look in one of them, but the rest of the family looks like a bunch of dolts. The others, they look OK and I look like death. Lucy was difficult for most of them as evidenced by her fake forced smile, and somehow Bud channeled an old man. We ordered only the family shot of all of us head on, and the one of the kids back to back. The one of us all sideways is the one that I actually like. So here they are in no particular order….

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  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGG I hope that you are ok. Holy crud that is bad timing. Take it easy, only a little bit to go now. I seriously hope you’re ok. Love you, Paprika.

  2. I like the sideways one too, and also the one where Lucy is sitting on Bud! I think they turned out great!Glad you’re okay!

  3. Scary – I’m glad you’re OK!Those photos are great. I choked on my drink when I saw your comments about Bud. I really like the back-to-back one too. My brother and I have one like that from when I was about 6, and it’s still one of my favorite photos of us.

  4. Cute! Now rest up and have something good to eat.

  5. You couldn’t have had the baby anyway b/c Twitter was all wacky. I didn’t sign up for Twitter for nothing!!!!!I like the one of Lucy sitting on Bud and them back to back. Cute kids! It’s too hard to get that many people to look decent in one picture. At least for my family it is. You end up taking the least horrid of all choices. Totally blows.Enjoy your last “still pregnant” weekend!

  6. You guys are so cute! I like the one of Lucy and Bud hugging! He just looks like he is protecting her.So glad you are ok! And glad they let you have a decision in the matter.

  7. You look so great in that sideways one!

  8. Well, I’m glad that you’re OK. And like someone else said, I think it’s nice that they let you make the decision about having the baby. That’s nice. And I’m sure you want her to come on her own if she will. The longer you can wait on that, the better.I think the pictures are pretty good. And don’t take this wrong, but I think you look a LOT like my mother when she was younger. When she was in high school and first married her hair was long like yours and dark and has brown eyes. Anyway, just looks like her old pictures. But that’s cool, because my mom is beautiful! And so are you!

  9. You poor thing!I remember one Christmas when the best picture was the one with The Boy sticking out his tongue. That was an AWESOME photo!You know, when I was pregnant with The Baby I went into the hospital to get something minor checked on at 36 weeks and it turned out that I was in labour and I actually argued about it with the doctor and then burst into terrified tears. Ha!

  10. Happy to hear that everything is alright. I’m checking this thing religiously, so you’d better be posting on that last push, woman!Also – the pix are cute!!!

  11. I think the pictures are cute! And I’m glad you’re doing okay. Falling is scary!

  12. Glad you’re ok and that the doctor told you to go home and rest. Just a couple more days. :)LOVE the pics. Isn’t it a nightmare taking kids for pics? argh.

  13. I like the sideways one, too. Email me your address so that I can send you a non-PIF package of some sort….! IF I get my act together that is!I’m so effing psyched!caquincy at yahoo dot com

  14. Tomorrow’s the day, right??I am so excited for you. AND I can’t log in to Twitter for some reason. I keep wondering if maybe you’ve gone into labor already and I have no idea and it’s all Twitter’s fault.

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  16. Gah, everyone is such babies here! Was it too painful for Ed to SMILE?!


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