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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 28

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Third trimester, baby!

I neglected to take a photo this week as I was busy discovering how hard it is to take care of sick people in your house when you can barely move and take care of yourself.  Ed had some sort of weird bug last week, and then Eddie wasn’t quite himself.  Hannah started running a high fever on Sunday and was confirmed to have H1N1 at the Dr. on Monday morning, which caused us to have to scramble all day to arrange her care, because I had a sonogram scheduled, and Ed had a big job that couldn’t be moved and we have no help and it was just a clusterfuck in every sense of the word.  BUT! Today is better.  This week will be better.

I went in for my Gestational Diabetes testing last week and while it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had, it was no big deal.  My results came through last night, and were nice and good at 126, so no 3 hour test or anything like that.  If I am reading the report right, I may be mildly anemic, but that is nothing new.  I am so pleased that medically speaking, everything has been so normal, even with he strain of having an extra baby in there. My body really was made to carry babies.  It’s too bad that I can’t pass it (and my super fertility) on to someone else now that I’m done with it.

Yesterday was my 28 week ultrasound.  Baby Girl (A) is breech and Baby Boy (B) is head down.  I’ve been assured though that there is plenty of time for her to flip and settle head down.  I am worried about her running out of room to flip, but in keeping with my usual MO, I am not going to worry about it until I have to. As I thought, Baby Boy is no longer lying straight across under my ribs.  They are actually head to to, sort of in a circle like this ( ). Because everyone is growing well, and because there are separate sacs, both with plenty of fluid and such, my next scan will be in 4 weeks instead of 2.  Unless my OB says otherwise tomorrow, that is.

My regularly scheduled appointment is tomorrow, and from there, we go every 2 weeks.  Plans for tomorrow’s appointment include talking about stopping or reducing work because it’s hard for me to sit in my chair for long periods of time.  Propping my keyboard has helped, but my rib area falls asleep and my tailbone can’t handle the office chair for long periods of time.  I’m afraid that I may not make it to the end of the month as originally intended.

We are slowly but surely getting ready for the babies.  We have clothes and blankets.  We’ve accumulated about 800 disposable diapers to use in the first month or so, and I have enough cloth for after that.  Ed sill thinks I’m crazy, but that’s ok.  We have most of the big gear and we have the money to redo the master bedroom, and make room for them in there.  We also bought a second (used) minivan so that either of us can port 5 kids (5! Kids!) where they need to go.  Things are coming along!

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  1. This is all just so amazing and wonderful. I’m glad–despite sleeping tailbones–that everything is just trucking along. xo

  2. I’m so glad everything is going well!

  3. So glad all is well. This every two weeks thing sure seems to move things faster. So exciting getting ready for the new little ones. Now I just need to get the package I have for you in the mail. 😀


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