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Holiday Cards from Shutterfly-Sponsored Post with Giveaway!

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Christmas is one of my very favorite times of the year.  Since Ed and I got married, I’ve delighted in sending cards every year to our family near and far.  Since having kids, I’ve really enjoyed sending photo cards.  It’s a fantastic way to send a snapshot of our family and show off how the kids have grown through the year.

For as long as I’ve been sending them, my Holiday Cards have come from Shutterfly.  Whether you want just one photo, a few, or an entire collage of photos, Shutterfly has the Christmas card for you.  I start planning my cards in October or November, just to give me time to play around with all of the options they offer.  Once I find the perfect card, it’s easy to be on my way.  I just add my favorite photos, crop if necessary, add our Christmas message, and just like that, I am on my way! It could not be easier.  Once I’ve placed my order, the cards and envelopes are in my hands within a few days and I can begin the hard work–addressing them all.

My favorite photo cards give me room for a picture of my 3 kids together, and an individual shot of each one.

Here are a few I am considering for this year:

Big Fat Joy:

Colorful Joy:

Always Merry:

You can see how you can’t really go wrong with Shutterfly.  I’m already eyeballing cards for next year when we’ll have photos of 5 kids to contend with!

Now for the fun part! First, be sure to check out Shutterfly’s Special Offers page.  This page shows you all in one spot, all of the discounts and deals Shutterfly has going on.

Second, are you interested in giving Shutterfly a try? Shutterfly has offered me a promo code for one lucky reader to receive $50 off an order of $50 of more (excluding tax and shipping). To enter, leave me a comment below telling me one of your favorite Christmas or Holiday traditions. The Giveaway will close on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 11:59PM Eastern Time.

I am pleased to have been asked to host this sponsored giveaway from Shutterfly for the third year in a row.  In return for this post, I am being given $100 off of my own card order, so I’d like to give a great big thank you to the folks at Shutterfly. Honestly though, even without the offer, I’d be purchasing my cards from Shutterfly, and telling anyone who would listen.

NaBloPoMo Day 8- 2 photos

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Super quick update today, because work is sucktastically busy.  I’m really looking forward to the 3 day weekend (and the fact that my boss is making hers a 5 day weekend).


Photo the first-

Cait wanted to take my picture the other night, and Hannie wanted to be in a picture with me wearing my “zebra shirt”.  Bonus? She hides my big bum. So here I am at 20 weeks.  Large and in charge.

Photo the second-

A big contender for going home outfits for the babies.  They have 2 owls! It’s perfect! They may not have names, but they will be dressed!

Tiiired Rambling

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For the third time in a row I’ve caught the mildest possible version of Ed’s or one of the kids’ colds.  It’s enough to have me feeling tired and run down, but not enough to have me unable to breathe and wishing that I could take meds when I can’t so I guess I have it good.  All the extra vitamins must be making me moderately immune.

Still though, I am feeling a bit sick, and have gone to bed before 10 the last 2 nights which is both unheard of, and not a good idea considering the amount of work that I need to accomplish this week, both for my actual job and my extra curricular jobs.  So of course, I am blogging.

I’m trying to find something that motivates me while I’m working.  I’ve tried podcasts, live radio and various playlists and I always get so involved in the music or the story that I forget to work.  Honestly though, I could I not stop working to rap along with Rob Base.  I’d challenge you to sit still in the same situation.

It’s funny though how I used to be SO used to working in the middle of a call center with tons of noise around me.  After 2 years at home, I can only work in complete silence.  It’s very odd.  Similarly, when I was in the actual office, I could not handle the various dings, beeps and buzzes of computer applications, to the point where I required my staff to have the volume of their computers turned completely off.  At home though? I need the dings.  It’s weird!

And speaking of work, I need to go ahead and write the training that I am presenting this afternoon.  I need to fill 90 minutes and other than a hand written outline, I have nothing.

PowerPoint Ahoy!

Answering my own questions; other stuff

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I asked some questions on Saturday and now it’s my turn to answer them.  I love questions and answers.  It’s fun!


  1. What is your least favorite chore, and please tell me why. It used to be laundry for me, but since the kids sort, fold and put away all of their own laundry now (plus towels!), it isn’t so bad.  I think maybe litter duty would rank pretty high up there, but Ed is taking that one on these days because it’s hard for me to bend and scoop.  My least favorite chore at the moment is general upkeep in the kitchen.  I hate wiping down the counters, cupboards, fridge and stove.  It always seems to get a way from me until it’s gross. (Ok, not the counters..those get wiped all the time as I’m using them) But man, what I would pay a cleaning lady to wipe the grime off of my white cupboards.
  2. What is your favorite throw together quick meal? Probably tacos.  Ed and the kids like their tacos with just the seasoned meat, cheese and sauce.  It’s super quick and easy. (And concerning because our family of 5 easily goes through 3 or so pounds of taco meat.)
  3. Are you watching any new TV? What should I be watching? As far as new TV goes, we’ve picked up The Neighbors and Ben and Kate.  Both fun sitcoms.  Ed is watching Vegas and Last Resort, but I can’t get in to either.
  4. What is your favorite vegetable? I generally like most vegetables, except for peas who can die in a fire, but as o late, I’ve been eating carrots that have either been cooked to death in the crockpot with whatever meat we are having or have been boiled in beef broth.  Any green veggie roasted is a super winner too.

We spent our weekend cleaning and purging, and cripes, I did way too much.  But the basement is nearly clean, and Ed got the garage mostly cleaned out so he can get his trailer in and out for the winter.  It feels good to be accomplished, but I wasn’t really a fan of all the work.

We have more on tap for this week–a friend brought me 5 totes of baby clothes, and I found 3 random boxes as well, so they need to be gone through so I can figure out what we need in the way of clothes.  I’ve also got a bunch to be listed on eBay this week with the plan being for the extra money to be allocated toward cloth diapers. I still sort of can’t believe we are doing that (and neither can Ed), BUT really, I cannot justify the expense of diapering 2 babies when we can do the one time cost thing.

I said to Ed over the weekend that my ultimate goal would be to still be able to walk when it’s time to go cut down the Christmas tree.  He looked at me like I was nuts and explained that that is in like 3 weeks.  3 weeks! Christmas tree!  Whaaaat? I think we’ll have to go light on the decor though, because who knows if I’ll be able to put it all away.

With Christmas seeming so close, it really seems like the babies will be here soon! Babies! In my house! Will the novelty ever wear off? I don’t think it will.

More about Baby Names, and please help me

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At this point in all of my other pregnancies, my baby was named.  Maybe with some questions about the middle name, but always named.  I’m not entirely sure what the problem is this time around, especially because I am a preparer by nature.  I think of these babies though, and what their names are, and my mind goes blank and I go in to a mild panic.  I just have no idea! Maybe because this is my last shot at naming babies I am putting too much pressure on myself.  I sort of want their names to be perfect.  Ed is not being helpful, ever since the great Melissa debate.  He says that my dislike of the name, even though I did agree and allowed for Millie as a nickname, has ruined it for him.  He wants me to come up with names, and then he will agree or disagree.  I want an active 2-sided discussion.  None of this is happening.

So this leaves me making lists both in my head and on paper, and crossing things off, both mentally and for real, and mostly feeling like we will never ever name these babies.


I’ve been calling them Thurston and Reba since Tuesday.  Just for fun, in a “we would NOT EVER call our kids this” kind of way.  I have to call them something other than Baby Girl and Baby Boy.

I guess now is the time for a list.

Here are names that I/we like that cannot be used:

  • Olivia -issue with our last name
  • Abby/Abigail- bad association from a good 12 years ago, and  our good friends’ daughter’s name.
  • Genevieve- Ed hates it
  • Vivienne- Ed hates it
  • Eleanor-was my grandmother’s name and she and Ed had a…stormy relationship.  Also my cousin has a baby Eleanor.
  • Henry- we just aren’t feeling it anymore.  It doesn’t lend itself to shortening/nicknaming which I am fond of (and NO to Hank)
  • Benjamin- Bad association from high school, sounds weird with our last name.
  • Samuel- Niece who spends a lot of time here, is Samantha who goes by Sam/Sami

Here are the names I have been kicking around as of late in no particular order:


  • Elizabeth
  • Molly
  • Ruby
  • Leah
  • Lauren
  • Lily
  • Lyla
  • Julia
  • Jane


  • William
  • Andrew
  • Carter

So, yeah.  Maybe I should copy this whole post and email it to Swistle to dissect. Or maybe I should really just name them Thurston and Reba.  They would be fairly unique for sure!

Or maybe you all should just name my babies!

Yes, I vote for that option.

30 Years in 30 Days–1983

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I went to kindergarten this year, something that I had been dying to do forever. We lived next door to the catholic school I went to, and always saw the kids outside playing. Sadly, my papa died in May, giving me my very 1st experience with death. The space shuttle Challenger made its 1st voyage in to space carrying Sally Ride. Compact discs debuted and the last episode of M.A.S.H aired. The Big Chill was a big movie that year. Fun Fact, I’ve been told that I look like Meg Tilly in The Big Chill on several occasions. I don’t see it, but what do you think?

30 Years in 30 Days–1982

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I turned 4 this year and my grandfather, Papa, got very sick. He was in and out of the hospital. I shoplifted for the first (ok, only) time taking a package of gumdrops from our local drug store. Michael Jackson released “Thriller”. I had the record “The Chipmunks Sing ‘Thriller’” where The Chipmunks sand the entire album. John Belushi died of a drug overdose at the age of 33.

30 Years in 30 Days–1981

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My parents bought their first house this year, and for good reason. I was no longer an only child! My brother M was born in August and I was thrilled. I spent my days home with my mother and him having a grand time. My great uncle bought me a plastic slide that we kept in our family room, which gave me countless hours of enjoyment. I loved to watch The Muppet Show on Friday nights. MTV began broadcasting this year, and Ronald Regan took office.

30 Years in 30 Days–1980

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As I began to turn in to an actual person, as opposed to a baby, my preferences toward people were clear. For whatever reason I was terrified of certain aunts and uncles. My mother’s father though, my Papa, was my very best friend. I was the only grandchild on that side of the family at the time, and our bond was amazing—so amazing that I remember it even now, 28 years later. I finally had some hair and my mother took great joy in putting as many barrettes as she could cram in to my hair. This year marked the beginning of the greatest decade in music history, in my opinion. John Lennon was killed this year, Kramer Vs. Kramer won The Academy Award for Best Picture, and Ted Turner launched CNN.

30 Years in 30 Days–1979

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My family had a longstanding tradition of placing a shot glass, a rosary or money in front of a child on their first birthday to see if they would be a drunk, rich or clergy. All three of these were placed on my high chair tray when I turned one in 1979. I chose the rosary, not because I was pious, but because I just loved my Gramma’s beads. This was the year my milk allergy went full blown and my diet was changed to include a whole lot of soy milk (and it wasn’t anything like what it is today). I was still bald as a cue ball and remained so until just before I turned 2. My vocabulary improved to include repeating anything and everything that I heard. My mother’s favorite quote: “This fucking rabbit!” When my rabbit jack in the box would not work properly. John Wayne and Nelson Rockefeller died this year.