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NaBloPoMo Day 8- 2 photos

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Super quick update today, because work is sucktastically busy.  I’m really looking forward to the 3 day weekend (and the fact that my boss is making hers a 5 day weekend).


Photo the first-

Cait wanted to take my picture the other night, and Hannie wanted to be in a picture with me wearing my “zebra shirt”.  Bonus? She hides my big bum. So here I am at 20 weeks.  Large and in charge.

Photo the second-

A big contender for going home outfits for the babies.  They have 2 owls! It’s perfect! They may not have names, but they will be dressed!

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  1. Don’t hide that bum! Lots of men like those big bums. Not that you’re looking for men to like your bum… but(t) (sorry, had to do it)… you know what I mean. I hope. OK… changing subject to something less weird.

    I ran across your blog the other day, but didn’t make note of the title – not even sure which post it was that I read, but I liked it – glad I ran across it again so I can follow. Good luck with those twinsies!

  2. You look so great! Not sure if you’re the type, but if I saw you–I would ask if I could pat your belly.


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