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For the third time in a row I’ve caught the mildest possible version of Ed’s or one of the kids’ colds.  It’s enough to have me feeling tired and run down, but not enough to have me unable to breathe and wishing that I could take meds when I can’t so I guess I have it good.  All the extra vitamins must be making me moderately immune.

Still though, I am feeling a bit sick, and have gone to bed before 10 the last 2 nights which is both unheard of, and not a good idea considering the amount of work that I need to accomplish this week, both for my actual job and my extra curricular jobs.  So of course, I am blogging.

I’m trying to find something that motivates me while I’m working.  I’ve tried podcasts, live radio and various playlists and I always get so involved in the music or the story that I forget to work.  Honestly though, I could I not stop working to rap along with Rob Base.  I’d challenge you to sit still in the same situation.

It’s funny though how I used to be SO used to working in the middle of a call center with tons of noise around me.  After 2 years at home, I can only work in complete silence.  It’s very odd.  Similarly, when I was in the actual office, I could not handle the various dings, beeps and buzzes of computer applications, to the point where I required my staff to have the volume of their computers turned completely off.  At home though? I need the dings.  It’s weird!

And speaking of work, I need to go ahead and write the training that I am presenting this afternoon.  I need to fill 90 minutes and other than a hand written outline, I have nothing.

PowerPoint Ahoy!

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