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I asked some questions on Saturday and now it’s my turn to answer them.  I love questions and answers.  It’s fun!


  1. What is your least favorite chore, and please tell me why. It used to be laundry for me, but since the kids sort, fold and put away all of their own laundry now (plus towels!), it isn’t so bad.  I think maybe litter duty would rank pretty high up there, but Ed is taking that one on these days because it’s hard for me to bend and scoop.  My least favorite chore at the moment is general upkeep in the kitchen.  I hate wiping down the counters, cupboards, fridge and stove.  It always seems to get a way from me until it’s gross. (Ok, not the counters..those get wiped all the time as I’m using them) But man, what I would pay a cleaning lady to wipe the grime off of my white cupboards.
  2. What is your favorite throw together quick meal? Probably tacos.  Ed and the kids like their tacos with just the seasoned meat, cheese and sauce.  It’s super quick and easy. (And concerning because our family of 5 easily goes through 3 or so pounds of taco meat.)
  3. Are you watching any new TV? What should I be watching? As far as new TV goes, we’ve picked up The Neighbors and Ben and Kate.  Both fun sitcoms.  Ed is watching Vegas and Last Resort, but I can’t get in to either.
  4. What is your favorite vegetable? I generally like most vegetables, except for peas who can die in a fire, but as o late, I’ve been eating carrots that have either been cooked to death in the crockpot with whatever meat we are having or have been boiled in beef broth.  Any green veggie roasted is a super winner too.

We spent our weekend cleaning and purging, and cripes, I did way too much.  But the basement is nearly clean, and Ed got the garage mostly cleaned out so he can get his trailer in and out for the winter.  It feels good to be accomplished, but I wasn’t really a fan of all the work.

We have more on tap for this week–a friend brought me 5 totes of baby clothes, and I found 3 random boxes as well, so they need to be gone through so I can figure out what we need in the way of clothes.  I’ve also got a bunch to be listed on eBay this week with the plan being for the extra money to be allocated toward cloth diapers. I still sort of can’t believe we are doing that (and neither can Ed), BUT really, I cannot justify the expense of diapering 2 babies when we can do the one time cost thing.

I said to Ed over the weekend that my ultimate goal would be to still be able to walk when it’s time to go cut down the Christmas tree.  He looked at me like I was nuts and explained that that is in like 3 weeks.  3 weeks! Christmas tree!  Whaaaat? I think we’ll have to go light on the decor though, because who knows if I’ll be able to put it all away.

With Christmas seeming so close, it really seems like the babies will be here soon! Babies! In my house! Will the novelty ever wear off? I don’t think it will.

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  1. Congratulations!! Don’t mind me… I’m on a comment rampage today. 🙂 Very brave of you to take on the cloth diapers. Doesn’t that sound odd… it wasn’t that many years ago that cloth was the only option – and we all did it and got through just fine. And with more money in our pockets. Good for you!!

  2. Have you decided on a diapering system? I have a bunch of cloth diapers (mostly Kushies, some Mother-ease). I’d have to look and see what I have exactly, but you are welcome to have them. I’ll even drive them over the border to you! I understand completely if you have your mind settled on a different brand/system and/or think that using diapers that have gone through 3 kids (who you don’t know!) is icky. 🙂


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