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Already, at age 2, my daughter is not someone that you want to mess with. We went to a local hobby shop this weekend and while Hub looked at some trains and track for his ultimate train board set up, I took the kids down in to the craft area where they have 3 Thomas train tables set up.

ED was playing on one, while CA was playing on another. It seemed like we were there for hours, and soon another boy, who was maybe 6, came to play. He was one of those kinds of children that rubs me the wrong way….not a bad child, per se, but kind of a pretentious type. You know, the kind that comes up to you and tells you what your kids want or need or said even though you are standing right there and clearly he is wrong.


The kids are each playing on a separate table when all of the sudden the boy went over to where CA was playing and said that he was playing with that table first and that she would have to leave. “I was here first!!”, he goaded her. At this point the protector (as well as the hormones) in me kicked in and I was about to give the brat a piece of my mind. UNTIL my little girl looked him dead in the eye and said “NO YOU WASN’T!” She squared off her shoulders and pointed her little finger quite accusingly at him.

Actually I waaaaaaas” he taunted back at her.

Act-ly you wasn’t” she said again, refusing to back down.

She eventually became interested in what her brother was doing and left that table anyway. I sat back and watched it all, my little girl so strong and refusing to take any crap. Part of me thinks that this is just the two-year-old in her, but the rest feels proud to already be raising a strong young lady. I can only hope that she doesn’t lose this quality as she grows. She’s been strong-willed since birth, so I don’t see her outgrowing it any time soon.

My sweet baby girl. She’s Tiny, but she is tenacious!

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  1. Aww, I LOVE it! And she’s not mean, she just stands up for herself. That’s great.I’ve been laughing at my son when he comes to where I tutor. This one boy likes to pick on him. Zachariah thinks it’s funny, but this boy will push too far just to get a reaction for Zac. (The boy is a 5th grader and knows better.) Anyway, Zachariah will tell him “No, No, NO” very loudly, then if he doesn’t stop he hits his in the face. The boy will leave him alone then, and he never comes tattling to me. I saw Zachariah do this twice, but I could tell the he was provoked. The first time I scolded him, the second I just let it go and told the boy he better leave Zac alone. Then last night one of the other helpers/tutors told me hee had seen Zachariah his this boy. The tutor thought it was funny and said the boy deserved it. So, I don’t feel bad about it at all.

  2. Girl Power!You know, I think my six-year-old might have even backed down from that kind of hostility. Brave, brave little girl.

  3. Go C! I like a kid with spunk!

  4. “NO YOU WASN’T!” is awesome. I’m glad your kid is so sure of herself.


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