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Here is a warning. I am about to do nothing but be miserable and bitch. If you’re not up for it, you should leave now. If you choose to stay….remember, you’ve been warned.

I have some sort of weird up and down morning all day sickness. It goes a little something like this: wake up ravenously hungry so I eat which makes me feel sick for about 3 or 4 hours until all of the sudden I am STARVING again, to the point where I am shaking, so again, I eat and am nauseous all over again. This goes on all day. A.Vicious.Circle
There seem to be a few smells that are bothering me a lot these last few days. They are: ED’s wet diaper in the morning, cheerios in a bowl with milk, the litter box regardless of whether it is clean or dirty, our fabric softener, and most of all Doritos. Please, if you are within lets say 5 miles, no Doritos please. Our office admin actually ate some and then brought me some mail—which now reeks of Doritos and is being looked at by someone else because I can not handle it.
My cat has a real freaking problem cleaning his ass. To the point where he is leaving poop marks on my bed and pillow. I spent last night washing sheets, pillow cases and actual pillows. I also attempted to clean his bum myself. Then I FREAKED out because pregnant people aren’t supposed to clean the litter box……so I should probably stay away from his crap, right?
I have crazy insomnia- I can only sleep for 2-3 hours at a time and then I am up for 2-3 hours. It actually kind of sucks. But it does allow me to catch up on TiVo. I’m having crazy crazy dreams too. Like crashing in to horses with my car kind of crazy. Yeah. No wonder I am crabby.
If you see my hubby could you tell him that just because we are both home at the same time, and just because the kids are sleeping, there is no rule that says we need to do it. Really. No rule. I have never been less interested.
Hubby fixed an air duct in our basement and now we have adequate heat flowing through the house. Too bad it is now 170 degrees in there and I swear I can feel it blowing on me 24/7.
Speaking of heat, it is about 200 degrees at work today. Why? Because one of my employees calls facilities 5 times a day because she is freezing. Nobody else is cold. SO I told her on Friday that it may be a lot easier for her to add layers than it is for others to strip them off. I am THIS CLOSE to really losing it.
Another associate flat out refused to answer calls today because she was logging an account. It’s really not my problem that you can’t type and talk at the same time. Keep your ass on the phone! GAAAH!
I am so so so so so so thirsty!!! Nothing quenches it. It is constant.
Then I saw THIS!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Um, that video is incredibly disturbing. What are we supposed to do now, bring our own diswashing liquid and bleach to hotels? Dirty Bastards.As for the grumpy-sick-sleepless-yuckiness. I guess try to remember it is temporary? That is the best I got, hon. Hope it gets better soon.

  2. Wow, I’m sorry your day is sucking so royally. I sincerely hope for everyone’s sake that tomorrow is a much better day.Also, really? Calling facilities when you’re the only one who’s cold? That’s ridiculous.

  3. Ha, ha. Is it bad that this made me laugh? Out loud? Am I a bad friend now? I hope not. I just remember all these early pregnancy things all too well. 🙂 It will be over before you know it.

  4. I say you call and tell them not to listen to your coworker when she calls about the heat. Use a conservation of energy excuse, or something.

  5. We have a lot of heat/cold callers in my building (and those calls ultimately come to me). It’s a huge building, therefore difficult to regulate. Anyway, a couple of years ago, I gave everyone a magnet that shows a digital temperature. Right on the magnet, it says, “If the temperature drops below 18 degrees (celcius) or goes above 25 degrees, call this number…” I hardly get any calls anymore.The video is just gross. Aren’t hotels subject to health inspections? Ew.

  6. Oh, man, I am so sorry about all of this, especially the sickness. That’s how I felt pregnant as well. I felt like I HAD to eat, or I would be sick, but then when I ate, I FELT SICK.

  7. Ooo, I had the all day sickness when I was pregnant. I will say that Sea Bands ($9.99 at our local drug store) helped a LOT. Hope it goes away soon!

  8. I did not think I was going to watch that whole video BUT I DID. OH YUCK.I had all-day sickness too. Nothing helped except getting past the first trimester. And, occasionally, eating something I particularly craved. One week I ate cold sausage pizza and lemonade four meals a day.And about your hubby, I hearby affirm your point of view. Jesus, give the poor queasy pregnant lady a break.


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