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The Numbers ARE Relevant

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1 The number of children I took with me to shop last night
7 The cost of dinner (2 tacos, some nachos, and a soda) for CA and I
65 The amount of money I spent at Target which included purchases of a Christmas gift for my boss, an 8×10 frame for my living room, Burt’s Bees Chapstick (peppermint), tissue paper and gift boxes, and cards for my staff that say “Have a Cool Yule” because I am just so trendy like that.
2 The number of times I used the restroom in Target
2 The number of times CA insisted she did not need to go
1 The number of times I had to pull over at Starbucks for an emergency potty break for CA
5 The cost of the obligatory peppermint mocha (decaf of course)
22 the cost of my Christmas cards at Walgreens
2 the number of hours it took for me to put together my associate gifts and address my Christmas cards.
1 the # of seconds it took CA to fall in love with her new Dora pillow case that came from yesterday
11 the hour at which ED finally fell asleep
3 the amount of times he was up during the night
2 the amount of times he peed through his pull-up and pants
5 the number of times CA woke up coughing during the night
1 the only time she asked to get out of bed.
4 frantic texts between Hub and me about CA being sick and in our bed since he worked in Albany last night.
1 P.S. please don’t lay on her when you get home since she’s very tiny and easy to miss.
3 approximate hours of sleep I got.
3 things ED is obsessed with getting for Christmas- a playhouse, a guitar, and crash ‘em up race track
4 if you count the bridge he asked to buy Daddy for his train board
1 thing CA wants for Christmas—a baby (if she only knew) When you ask her what kind of baby though she says “chocolate” (she is getting a baby with diapers she can change herself)
0 things I’ve bought Hub so far for Christmas
5 the number of things on a growing list of things we need for the new baby that did not last after ED and CA.
3 The average number of really weird dreams I’m having on a nightly basis.
567 the average # of times I’ve already snapped at my staff today
8 more hours until I will be home
2 the number of baths I will give tonight
8 hopefully the hour I will get to go to sleep

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  1. That peppermint mocha is exactly why Starbucks has stopped locking their bathrooms. I hope you get a full night’s sleep tonight.

  2. Except for the 7-year-old, my kids don’t have specific requests from Santa. Lisa is very specific. Bart, if pressed, will say he wants a marker or a Wonka Bar.

  3. This was good. I’m hoping you meet your 8:00 bedtime tonight.

  4. Wow, you are bu-sy, huh? I understand what it is like to feel so overwhelmed. And kids and their neeeeeeeds. I am overwhelmed just thinking about it.Really clever entry, SaLy GiRl. Me Likes!

  5. Good LAWD, woman. I am tired for you! Sounds like momma could love her some wine (but being PG, I suppose you could just go for WHINE)…

  6. how are you still awake and functional AT ALL?!?!? I’m just sitting at my desk feeling sorry for myself


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