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Could someone just strap my mouth shut?

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The appropriate response when one is given $170 pre-paid MasterCard from her adoring associates is not “Well, at least I know how much I’m worth.” Pointing out that there isn’t even a card……not so cool either. It’s $170 damn $$ that I didn’t have yesterday. Add it to the $60 in Target Cards and $40 in Kohl’s cards and I’m one lucky lady.

What is my problem??

P.S. I’m more nauseus than I’ve ever been the other 2 times. My ass is seriously being kicked here. Only 33 weeks to go….

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  1. So, your coworkers haven’t figured it out yet, huh? Maybe it will answer a lot of questions when they know. ;)And, you’re already counting the weeks? Yikes, this might be a long one for you.

  2. thats funny ….horrible response but hilarious

  3. Oh, you are lucky. You need a do-over on the response!

  4. 🙂 Poor Saly. It is gonna get better, babe. Promise.

  5. Oh man. I would have loved to see your coworkers’ reaction when you said that.


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