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Deleted most content from yesterday. SIIIIIGH.

P.S. the Dr. went well yesterday although my favorite dr and midwife have left the practice leaving the crabby midwife and the doctor who botched ED’s circumcision, so I do have some decisions to make. It is no less monumental to hear your 3rd baby’s heart beat than it was the 1st time around. We told the kids and my FIL last night. CA has no clue but ED had 4578 questions including “does the doctor use a big hug knife to cut the baby out?” , “why do Mommies have special parts to grow babies?” and “Where does the baby come out of?” GAAH!

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  1. oh lord on the baby questions. I’m hoping O is too young for all that for now. I still wonder if I should switch doctors since mine is all “it’s all good” no matter what happens and I’m always afraid he won’t tell me something I need to know – but he keeps me calm and never panics which is good for me (esp. if I’m high risk again).as far as the drama? I love living life just doing what I need to do and not worrying how anyone else feels. it really is liberating and having a kid finally gave me the guts to do it. too bad your mom is making this a pain – but her feelings are probably just hurt. eh – what are you going to do? also a plus – people who are trying to create drama can’t stand it when you’re calm and don’t care and it makes me feel all smug and SORRY FOR YA SUCKA

  2. Does being pregnant excuse you from your mother’s drama? If so, I look forward to when you tell her. I’m glad you were able to rise above, this time at least.

  3. Ugh. I had to answer the last question to my oldest when the youngest was in the tum. I tried the “Oh, the doctor helps get the baby out” tactic, but it only worked for one day. Darn! Wish I got to see your whole post before you deleted part of it (must make more of an effort to get online EVERY SECOND of the day, so I don’t miss these things!).So glad you’re already hip to my “tale of kidney stone doom” and are drinking water vigorously! Throw some cranberry juice in there too, just to make me feel better, ‘K?Also, I’ve been thinking on names. I’m not having any more, so I’m living vicariously through you and two other pregnant friends…. Boy names I love: Ethan, Ryan Christopher (or Christopher Ryan–or with other middle names attached somehow), Ian (top contender if #3 had been a boy), Joshua, and Zachary….. Just to name a few.

  4. Ugh on the losing a post. I’ve been lucky not to have that happen yet. **I’m knocking on wood now.**I’m glad your first appointment went well. It is so exciting to hear a baby’s heartbeat. My OB left town recently, so I don’t know where I’ll go for the next baby. I wish you luck in that decision.

  5. no fair you deleted it before i could read it


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