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My Weekend, By: Saly

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We have decided to completely re-do our kitchen. The financing came through on Friday, and we are just going for it. It is desperately needed anyhow as our current set-up is so ass-backwards and 1945 it is ridiculous. The catch is that Hub will be doing it all himself, but I think he has it in him. And also that we will be closing up FIL’s door and relocating it to the other side of the kitchen. Hope he doesn’t mind! We’re hoping that this will help us to increase our equity enough to get the upstairs done by a pro. That project needs to be completed no later than this time next year, when the baby will be ready to move out of our room.

We had something of a busy weekend. On Saturday, Hub and my brother took ED to Toronto for the monster truck show. Apparently, he loved it. He was still wide awake when they got home at 2:00 AM. Yes, he kept my (4-year-old) baby out until 2:00 AM. While they did that, CA and I shopped clearance at Kohls, Old Navy and JC Penny. I picked up some PJ sets at Kohls, the $8.00 maternity jeans I couldn’t get online at ON and struck gold at JCP, scoring 15 shirts, 3 skirts and 2 pair of pants for CA for $1.18 each, and three 3-piece outfits for ED for $10 each. I spent $55 on all of it. I then got 4 maternity tops for under $30. It was great! CA and I also stopped at IHOP for dinner. It was nice spending time with just her.

Sunday, my cousin’s baby was christened, and they had a luncheon afterward. I was very surprised at how well ED behaved considering his lack of sleep. It’s nice that my cousins and I all have kids who are the same age. They had a great time together.

Yesterday, I took the kids to daycare, and then I came home and slept until 1:00 PM. It was amazing. Hub and I grabbed some Chinese food and spent some time at home depot looking at kitchen stuff. It wasn’t a productive day off, but it worked for me.

I only wish I was home sleeping now.

I sure do wish I had more interesting things to say. My brain doesn’t seem to be functioning normally these days. I will be 12 weeks along tomorrow, so I am hoping that all of the crap will subside soon, and maybe my creativity will get turned back on. This is starting to remind me of my fourth grade diary, in which most pages read “Today I went to school. Then I came home. It was good.” I’m tired of the daily narrative.

I actually had a dream last night where I was writing a post about which parts of my day I would pause and which parts I would fast forward if life had TiVo. When I tried to type it out this morning though, it was tres lame. The one moment sticking out though, the one that I would pause, or keep forever, occurred yesterday morning while I sat on the couch with ED, snuggled under a blanket before the rest of the house was awake. “I love snuggling with you in the morning”, I said. He snuggled deeper in, my 4-year-old boy “Me too Mommy, me too.” He makes my heart melt.

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  1. Ooo, kitchen remodel, GOOD CALL. You know, they always say that remodeling the kitchen pays off the most (in terms of equity/marketability of a house) and I have to agree. We’ve been looking at houses and I have HATED about 90% of the kitchens, which is a total dealbreaker for me.

  2. I have to agree that a kitchen remodel is a good choice. We were looking at moving a couple of summers ago. We ended up taking the house off the market, because none of the houses had a kitchen the size/quality of the one we already have. It’s the heart of the house, for sure!

  3. Wow, I am so impressed with how much stuff you bought for such a small price! That is amazing.Will there be ongoing photos of the kitchen remodel? I hope so! Start with “before” pictures!

  4. Our kitchen is utterly awful, too. It’s a 1960 one with enough cabinet space for one old man’s supplies and that’s IT. It has enough counter space for this imaginary old man to open a can of soup and toast a slice of bread.I got some of those $1.18 things, too! Awesome score, yes? Plus, I got another coat for Elizabeth for $7, and a coat for my big guys for next year for $11.

  5. Lame or not, it sounds like a good weekend.I definitely look forward to hearing about the kitchen remodel. We started our bathroom over 2 years ago…*ahem*…it’s not quite finished yet.

  6. I love to watch kitchen remodels on HGTV. We are looking for houses and the kitchens are a BIG deal–I want the ones I see on tv.

  7. OOooo, new kitchen. Pictures, please! Like some before and after shots? Yeah?I can’t help but think CA is a super little shopper. Maybe that is the difference between boys and girls? My kids would have freaked out having to go to all those stores.But the deals! O, the deals.


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