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Ok, it’s true, I’ve been miserable, but I’ve had a really hard time putting it in to words. This is by far the worst 1st trimester I have ever had, and I feel like it’s got to get better sometime soon. I am now in my 13th week. For the love of corn dogs! Please STOP!

As I was shoving my face full of a McDonalds Hot Fudge Sundae last night (but only the parts with hot fudge, the rest, was chucked in the garbage), standing over the counter shoveling it in like a wino over a garbage can as the kids sat and stared at me over their chicken and apples (and fries), and then again this morning as I stuffed my purse full of frozen Jimmy Dean Sausage Breakfast Sandwiches on my way out the door to work (since clearly, they are the only acceptable form of MEAT in the world), I was reminded of Catherine Newman—specifically her white trash pregnancy diet. When I re-read this post this morning, I really felt validated. This is what I’ve been going through! Someone understands me! And I know that all of you gals out there get it too, but to read this again, I don’t know, it just helped me out a lot this morning.

In other pregnancy news, I am losing my mind! I actually left the house with only one sock on today. Only. One. Sock. The reason? One of my socks was upstairs and I knew that I saw the match in the basement. I put the lone sock on, figuring I would grab the other on my way out, and put my boots on as well. Kissed the kids goodbye, and out to the car I went. At least I hadn’t made it out of the driveway before I remembered. Both of my feet are now safely “socked.”

I’ve heard speculation that after your first pregnancy, you can feel the baby moving sooner. I’m reasonably sure that I can feel this baby moving around down there, tiny flutters abound, however my brain is saying “um, you are 12 weeks and one day pregnant, idiot. You don’t feel the baby.”

But I think I do. And although it is the 3rd time around, it sure is grand.

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  1. I remember feeling almost desperate, like there is SOME FOOD that has GOT TO HELP. Ugg. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I acutally just finished reading Catherine’s book like, two days ago. It is such a favorite, I still laugh and laugh when I read it for the billionth time.Also, ONE SOCK! I can’t tell you how FUNNY that is. Love you. 🙂 🙂 :)My second pregnancy was way worse than my first. Is it a general progression that it just gets harder and harder? Eek. I hope that is not true.But it will get better! Just you wait.

  3. I hope the fluttering makes up for the otherwise crappy first trimester. Feel better soon!

  4. Yeah, Tessie, it is the breakfast sammies, fo sho!Misty–I know. Who leaves with one sock on. I can’t believe I even admitted it. Thanks for the love. 🙂

  5. My first-trimester diet is basically:1) Sausage McMuffins2) BK TenderCrisp Spicy Chicken3) cold Dominos sausage pizza4) lemonade5) misery

  6. I am in the exact same boat. I lost 11 pounds in this trimester and my doctor just said to try and eat something every three hours. On the way home from the appointment I whined to my husband “doesn’t she know it takes more than three hours just to detemine WHAT to eat that won’t make me sick?”Oh, and that link totally made me feel better about having nacho cheese doritos for dinner on Tuesday.

  7. Wow – you’re already at your 13th week?! You should start to feel better soon (I hope).

  8. Ugh, I hardly ate at all during my first trimester. Nothing sounded decent most of the time. I remember telling my husband, once I was about halfway through my 2nd trimester, that I actually ate a WHOLE sandwich one day. That’s the most I’d eatten in a while. It’s no wonder I lost 15+ pounds.I loved those first fluttery feelings. Mine came early too. Everything I ready said I probably wouldn’t feel them yet, but I did, and I knew it. I also read it was harder for bigger girls (like me) to feel the baby that early…liars! It was exciting, though.

  9. I spent all of my first trimesters vomiting and eating Doritos. And yet my diet the REST of the time is fine. Gosh, I’m happy that I’m not pregnant.


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