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I’ve actually been feeling a whole lot better these past few days, as far as my stomach is concerned. Thank heavens because the nausea was way more than I could handle, especially not expecting it based on my 2 previous pregnancies. Felling better has afforded me the opportunity to eat chicken again, so on Monday night I made one of our favorite casseroles for Hub to throw in the oven before I got home from work yesterday. It turned out very well, and even ED ate it. Here is the recipe which is based very loosely on a recipe in my Betty Crocker Cook Book.

o 2 cups of cooked chicken, cubed (I usually cook up 3-4 large boneless breasts seasoned with butter, salt and pepper beforehand, but you could use pre-packaged chicken)
o 1 ½ cups white rice, cooked
o ¼ cup butter
o 1/3 cup flour
o 1 cup chicken stock
o 1 ½ cups milk
o Salt and pepper to taste
o 1 can of peas
o 1 can of corn
o Breadcrumbs or crushed cornflake crumbs

1. preheat oven to 350
2. Prepare rice and set aside.
3. Melt butter in large sauce pan
4. add flour salt and pepper and cook until bubbly
5. add chicken stock and milk and whisk constantly until boiling. Let boil for one minute for sauce to thicken.
6. combine chicken, rice veggies and sauce in greased 9×13 pan.
7. Top with crumbs if desired
8. bake 30-45 minutes until bubbly

I kid you not when I say it is delicious. I like to serve it with some fresh yeast rolls and whipped butter for the true “home-style” feel. This also freezes really well if you say, wanted to make it and drop it off for a friend in need, or make a double batch to have again another time.

Tonight I’m making another one of my favorites that takes about 20 minutes and is so simple you would die.

The ingredients are 1lb of ground beef or ground turkey and one family sized box of beef flavored rice-a-roni. I buy the low sodium version, and call it “casseroni” which is what my mom always called it.

1. Brown the beef or turkey drain and set aside.
2. In the same pan, begin browning the rice-a-roni per package instructions.
3. Once the rice is browned, add the beef and then add the seasoning packet and water per the package instructions and combine.
4. Finish cooking per package instructions

This we serve with packaged buttermilk biscuits, or even just white bread and butter. It’s a cheap and easy delicious meal!!! I do double the recipe for our family.

I love casseroles; this is the time of year for them and also, I am really in the mood for them, so here is a call for all of your recipes. If you’ve previously posted them, link me baby! If you haven’t and don’t want to do a recipe post, drop me an email. incubationnation at gmail dot com.

Go! Go! Now!

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  1. Oh, I do love me a hotdish. I will be BACK for links. I think I have posted Tator Tot Hotdish before, but everybody knows about that one already.

  2. Tessie- CASSEROLE. Say it with me. CASSEROLE. TeeHee

  3. if you get emails please share! especially freezables – I’m planning on stocking the freezer for post baby sometime soon . . .hotdish . . . hahaha

  4. I just emailed you a recipe for a chicken asparagus HOT DISH. HA – okay, I don’t really say that, I just think it’s cute.

  5. Blogger doesn’t like me tonight, this is my 4th comment attempt. I’m glad I saved it after the first one got deleted.Your recipes look great. I will give them a try soon. I was wanting a good casserole tonight, but I didn’t have enough time.Matt has a great casserole recipe that’s easy to substitute whatever you want in it. I will post it in a bit. I’ll see what else I can find too.

  6. MMmmmm, casserole. Tell Tessie us Southern Bells have no idea what a Tator Tot hotdish is….

  7. I love cooking in the winter- I am ALL ABOUT slow cooker and casserole and stew recipes. More, please!

  8. Oh!! I have one soooo good, but I don’t have the recipe with me right now. I will post it soon for you. It’s for a really easy (and yummy) chicken parmesan.

  9. Just FYI, I completely f’ed up the first casserole by leaving out one damn word: Cooked.So I put wayyy too much rice it. Damn me and my stupidity. But I will persevere! I will try again! Just not today.

  10. I finally posted a casserole recipe. Not the one I was thinking of before, but I’ll get to that eventually.


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