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1. The baby portion of my belly is pushing up the flabby belly left over from previous pregnancies, creating this obscene ridge. It is horrific.
2. Also, my boobs no longer fit in my bras.
3. The breakfast nook I ordered arrived today, more than 3 weeks before our kitchen will even be started. That was fast! And now we have to store it!
4. Hub went to Target to pay on our charge yesterday, and I had him walk over to the baby section. He found a bedding set (Classic Pooh) with the comforter, sheet, bumper and dust ruffle marked down from $89.99 to $19.98, and bought it. At full price, I probably wouldn’t have picked Classic Pooh, but it is adorable. And I like the idea that this baby will have something that only belonged to her/him out there in the sea of hand-me-downs it will encounter.
5. I had a really bad night with the kids last night and did a lot of yelling, which caused me to do a lot of crying after they had gone to bed. They deserved to be in trouble, but I felt horrible about the way I went about things.
6. ED told me yesterday that he was calling an 18-wheeler to come and get me and he was going to pack me up in the back and send me away for ever. I told him to enjoy life with no Mommy which caused him to burst in to tears. Sigh.
7. He also told me that he wants to learn to swing on those rings like the American Gladiators do. Double Sigh.
8. I have gone to the bathroom 4 times during this post due to drinking a large Dr. Pepper. Annoying. Even more annoying—of the 7 sinks in the work bathroom, one does not shut off automatically. Every time I go in to the bathroom, someone has left it on. WTF people?
9. I am really tired of my job and the assholes that come along with it. Really tired.
10. One of my best associates was feeling really sick today and was shaking and white and pasty and thought she was going to pass out. Her mother came to take her to the hospital to save her the embarrassment of being carted out in an ambulance. I walked her out to the front to make sure she got in the car ok. Apparently, rumor has it that I fired her and escorted her out of the building. Again, assholes.
11. I hate it when people pronounce “escalated” Esc-YA-lated.
12. We just got a “Melting Pot” restaurant here. A bunch of us have reservations for 2/16. Exciting, right?
13. There, now I’ve ended on a positive. I feel a little bit better.

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  1. I’m sorry about all this crap. Still, some good things! Melting pot is delicious and yay for new, on-sale things for the baby!I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I like Classic Pooh and I REALLY, REALLY like the Melting Pot. Oh, you will LOVE IT. It takes like 3 hours, but it’s totally worth it.

  3. I like Classic Pooh, too (better than the modern version). & for $20 I’d LOVE it!!Mmmm, Melting Pot when you’re pregnant sounds like a free pass to stuff your face. For the baby, of course.

  4. The Classic Pooh stuff at Target really is cute! Plus, getting it on clearance is just awesome.

  5. Aww, sorry for all the bad things. I hope it all gets better soon. Yeah for the good things though.

  6. Love love LOVE the Melting Pot. It is our go to place for a romantic dinner. We took Brother once just for chocolate when he was 4 and it was a fiasco. I wouldn’t recommend taking the kiddies. Picture long, sharp forks, raw meat, and boiling liquids. Not good.But! The food is super delicious and so fun. We like to order a bunch of cocktails as well, but that really isn’t an option for you. Don’t worry, the food is worth it. Order the Big Night Out. You won’t regret it. (Yes! It takes three hours!)

  7. Hang in there, honey! I’m cheering on. Also – maybe the 18 wheeler wouldn’t be bad. Can they put a jacuzzi tub in it for you? And cheers on the melting pot. YUMMY!!!

  8. i’ve never heard esc ya lated..i think i would correct them or at least make fun of them. also melting pot DELICOUS!!!!!! Oh and little known fact, all the veggies and desert (except cheese cake) can be refilled, that means if you want extra graham cracker covered marshmallows to dunk in your chocolate just ask away. also save your spoon cuz if your anything like me when your preggo it might just be faster to spoon the liquid chocolate into your mouth.for meals i looove the coq a vin its my favorite broth since it isn’t meat based it wont make your beef taste chickony or your chicken taste beefy. and the spicy cheese dip with the salsa or whatever is super uber delish! oh you asshole now i’m dying for melting pot!


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