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Snow and Wind

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I didn’t mention it yesterday, but we actually had a horrific wind and snow storm come through along with sub-zero temperatures. Schools were closed, but daycare and work were open so it was business as usual for me. The power flicked on and off a few times while I was in the shower yesterday morning, but it was not really a big deal. Hub drove me to work because there were white-outs all over the place and we saw 3 tractor-trailers tipped on their sides by the wind. It was kind of scary! I spent the day safe and warm at work though and didn’t give it a second thought.

Until we got home yesterday evening………It was about 6:00 and the power had been out for an hour. The house was already 60 degrees. I was SO disappointed that I wouldn’t be in casserole heaven that I almost cried. We drove around for a bit, and then ended up at Denny’s for dinner. It was a bad idea; nothing tasted good to me, and I continued to taste it all night. CA was excited though because she got a big bowl of fresh fruit with her meal. She is the best eating 2-year-old I know. After Denny’s we went to Home Depot for a part so Hub could hook the generator up to our furnace. When we got home, it was 53 degrees in the house. Hub got the generator up and running and brought one of his electric heaters in to the house and then went to fiddle with the furnace. He no sooner got everything taken care of then the power came back on. I saw that coming though. It was 10:00 before the heat kicked in and even later before the kiddos got to bed. I’m just glad we were all warm in our beds all night instead of freezing and huddled together in the living room.

Casserole Tonight!

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  1. enjoy your casserole! I’m jealous you have a generator. we should have one – we spent 5 days without power one july and 3 days one december. Both SUCKED. the worst part is throwing away all your food from the fridge – at least you avoided all that.

  2. p.s. – i just saw in LoriD’s comments where you’re from and you are VERY close to my crazy grandmother. As in – we drive through there to get to her town which is less than 1/2 an hour away. I could totally come visit you some day!

  3. Yes, we got a generator after we were without power for 4 days during this “EPIC” storm in 2006. We drove 4 hours to get one, and of course, the power came back on that night.Also–I was thinking that, about where your grandmother lives and getting together, but then didn’t want to sound like a stalker. We totaly should!

  4. Yikes, I’m you’re safe and warm here. We had the wind and cold pass through here too. We’re under a winter storm warning tonight. We didn’t have power problems though, thank goodness.

  5. I’m glad you were all safe and warm. And now you have the part you needed so the generator is ready in case it happens again.


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