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1. The weekend started on Friday for me since I was home with a craptastic migraine. I took the kids to daycare and slept until about 4:00. We went for a fish fry and then Hub and I watched “The Ten”.
2. Friday over Saturday CA woke up around 1:00 freaking out that there were spiders in her bed. It was obviously a nightmare, but we couldn’t get her anywhere near her bed for the rest of the night. She slept on top of me in bed until the morning.
3. Somehow I woke up Saturday morning to find both kids in bed with me and Hub on the couch.
4. Hub took CA shopping to spend some Daddy time with her. He planned on getting her some new shoes to replace those that were destroyed in the escalator. He bought her new shoes all right, $30 Nikes. Seriously. For a 2-year-old. Even though I’ve never spent more than $15 on shoes for either kid. His excuse—she said she wanted them. If I came home with $30 shoes, all hell would break loose.
5. While he was gone, I had a few bills to pay so ED and I went downstairs for a while. I threw in a load of laundry, paid the bills and set ED up on the PBS website so he could play some games. In the back of my mind it occurred to me that the washer seemed to be filling for quite a while. When I went around the corner to go fold some laundry, I was greeted by a flood. The tub in our washer apparently cracked, and water was leaking from the bottom of it all over the place. FIL and I spent over an hour with squeegees and push-brooms cleaning it all up. I’m just glad that all of my clean laundry was up off of the floor when it happened.
6. That evening, we went to Sears and purchased a new (front-loading) washing machine. F A N C Y
7. We also went to BJ’s to restock our pantry.
8. We came home and the kids stayed up until 11PM watching NASCAR with Hub.
9. ED woke up at 7 on Sunday morning.
10. Hub took all of our clothes to the laundry mat and I laid around on the couch until about 11.
11. Hub took ED to a birthday party for one of his classmates (where he bowled for 2.5 hours straight) and CA and I shared lunch, folded laundry, cleaned the kitchen and worked on dinner (I made oven-fried chicken).
12. I bathed CA and Hub showered ED and everyone but me went to bed.
13. I played Scrabble on my phone and watched The Grammys.
14. I woke up this morning to find that it was 1 degree with a wind chill of minus 20.
15. I had to fight with the children to wear hats and mittens.
16. And here we are, kids at school, Hub at the chiropractor, and I’m at work.
17. Happy Monday!

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  1. Yay for the new washing machine! Stories like that make me glad we rent.

  2. I am really impressed with how much one on one time you spent with your kids. Like you do it on purpose, or something… ;)With us, it is always family time. We never get to where there is enough of that so that we can take the kids individually places. Plus, if we went off our own way, each with a kid in tow, Honey and I would never see each other. Anyway, I am impressed with your ability to fit more into your life than I seem able to do.

  3. #4 cracks me up. My husband would do the same thing. Then I think about all the nice things I could have bought with that money. For instance for $30 I could get a complete, adorable new outfit from TCP, AND a nice new pair of shoes.

  4. Oooh, you watch NASCAR, too?

  5. I heart lists, especially ones that are about floods, dream spiders, husband’s buying practices, etc.

  6. Mommy Daisy– I know, right!!! Shelly- Guilty, though I slept thru the shootout on Saturday. The 500 on Sunday is an EVENT though, bigger than the superbowl.Swistle- It’s the best way to get out everything I need to say! Also, we have had to “spray for spiders” every night. Fun times!

  7. Sometimes I wish my washing machine would break, just so I could get one of those front loader things. Then, I remember that my dishwasher broke last July (after wishing for a quieter one) and I still haven’t bought a new one.My husband would totally do the $30 shoe thing. I would probably take them back and buy 3 pair for that money!

  8. I am SO RELIEVED I’m not the only one who buys cheapy shoes for my kids. I always see kids in Nikes and stuff, even kids who aren’t even WALKING yet for crap’s sake, but I am firmly in the fifteen-dollars-or-under camp. Yet I’ve always felt guilty about it… Enter saly!

  9. I have that spider dream all the time. Especially that the spider(s) are crawling on my arm. And it is super hard to calm down after, even though I am an adult, because that dream always feels soooooo real. Ugh.


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