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My sweet daughter was pretending that the couch was a row boat on Saturday. At some point, she lost her balance, rolled off, and cracked her wrist on ED’s rocking horse. Hub and I were in the kitchen at the time, and FIL was in the living room with both kids. FIL insisted she wasn’t hurt; just scared, but I could tell by the way she was holding her wrist that something was wrong.

We calmed her down and got out the ice pack and got some M&M’s. She tried picking them up with the injured (left) hand and barely could. (She is left handed….both of my kids are……weird and recessive, but I digress) Hub asked her to squeeze his finger, and when she did, she screamed in pain. We decided at that point to go to the ER.

We do have a children’s hospital near us, but I find them to be dirty, and the wait is ridiculous, so we went to the hospital nearby, and thankfully, were pretty much in and out. Because of the baby, I could not be with her for the x-ray, so I was glad that Hub was with me.

By the time the x-rays came back, she was acting pretty normal and was even using the wrist a little bit. When the doctor said it was broken, I almost asked “are you sure??” but I restrained myself. His name was Dustin something or other, but he lost all credibility when every member of the staff called him Dusty, rather than Dr. SoandSo.

Anyway, they gave her a temporary cast, and sent us on our way. She is doing really well, enjoying wearing her brother’s clothes, since her sleeves are all too small to fit over her cast. Her only complaint is that it is itchy.

We are off to see the Orthopedic Doctor now, so I will update you when I have more info.

Thanks to all for your well wishes!

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  1. DUSTY. Not cool. This is like when AD got tubes in her ears, and the doctor wanted us to call him “Chad”. Uh, NO THANKS CHAD. Gah.Glad she’s okay.

  2. Ohhh, poor CA. Sounds like it definitely could have been worse, though. I fell in middle school once and went to the doctor to see if my wrist was broken. There are tons of tiny bones in there and they are easy to break, apparently. Anyway, since my bones hadn’t finished growing, the x-ray showed a gap that looked like it could be a break but turned out to just be a space where things hadn’t all grown together yet. The doctor x-rayed my other wrist to compare in order to figure out which it was….Sorry. Not totally sure where I was going with that one. Anyway, I’m glad she’s okay.

  3. glad she’s ok. sounds like you’re having a really fun day! I felt so bad when I couldn’t do the x-rays with O so I was glad K was there too. I just wanted to be there to hold his (bloody) little hand!

  4. It’s amazing how quickly these accidents can happen. My guys play similar couch cames and I’m always worried one of them will crack their heads on the coffee table.Dusty. Hee. I had a similar experience with an L&D doctor called Tyler.

  5. Oh poor girl. I hope that she heals quickly.Having a doctor named “Dusty” makes me feel really old!

  6. I’m glad she’s OK. That’s scary when kids hurt themselves. We were camping with Jason’s brother-in-law and his two little kids when his 3-year-old slid off the picnic table. When he stood back up, his arm was at a 90-degree angle. Broken. It was his dominant arm too, but he did well using his other hand in the meantime.

  7. It sucks how quickly things like that can happen. Also, my FIL would TOTALLY say something like that! He is a farm boy, and basically thinks you should only go to the hospital if you’re giving birth or dying. My SIL broke her arm once when she was a kid and he was convinced she was going to be fine until the MORNING AFTERWARDS when she still couldn’t use it. Men…

  8. Wow. Good lordy. We haven’t ever been through this adventure yet of the broken bones. I have never even had a cast before, and neither has Honey. Our poor kid, which ever one decides to break something first. His parents will probably completely freak out.You guys did good. I am sure everything will be fine soon!


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