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24-Week Photo

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And Kid Pic for Fodder….

Let’s say I look like crap solely because I am sick….

This was Maple Weekend a few weeks ago….just before CA fell face first in to a mud puddle

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  1. Ok, so I feel MUCH better about my 2 feet of snow still remaining out front. Flowers are blooming but I can’t see my front lawn. geez.You look awesome! 🙂

  2. Great pic of the kids AND you. You look great!

  3. I think you look awesome! That baby is definitely growing. ;)Aww, the kiddos look so cute outside in the snow. Seems crazy that it was only a few weeks ago.

  4. You are awesome! Pregnancy gives the final middle finger to our male counterparts. How can they reply to THAT?!Mud puddle. Poor baby. And also, funny sitcom thought…

  5. You look great! Also, when your page first came up, I thought your pregnancy countdown said only 11 days to go!

  6. You ALL look great! I love CA’s face in that picture. If I didn’t know better, I would think she planned the whole mud puddle thing.

  7. You guys are all so cute! The Bean especially. My, I love bellies 🙂


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