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I have a cold and it is making me miserable. It’s not the kind where my nose is completely blocked, but rather the obnoxious kind that drip drip drips down the back of my throat, causing it to sting. I thought about staying home today, but really why bother. I may as well be miserable at work and accomplish something instead of sitting at home with a blanket and the TV……HEY what the heck was I thinking???

My job announced a new benefit plan for 2009 which is, in a word, amazing. 12 weeks of paid maternity leave. I asked The Bean if she’d like to stay in for another 4 months and she told me no way……so I’ll take my 8 weeks. (maybe longer if I have to get this hernia repaired) They are switching to one national health plan which should lower costs, and they are giving each associate a prepaid flex spending account for co pays and prescriptions which increases by how many dependents you cover. I will receive the max, which is $1200 and if I don’t spend it, it rolls over, right up until I retire. The greatest thing though, is childcare assistance. Right now, they offer $175/month/child but only if you make a certain amount of $$ or less. I haven’t qualified since my promotion in 2005. They are raising the income threshold by over $20k AND they are increasing it to $225/month/child. Which with what I pay for part time daycare is like getting one child per month for free. Which means we can afford to send The Bean and not worry about carting her to my parents etc. until ED goes to kindergarten. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement.

I told Hub that the 12 weeks of maternity pay is a sign that we should have a 4th. He laughed and just told me to get through this one first.

I am officially 24-weeks along today, by the way. I feel like I should post a new photo, but I also feel WAY too fat for all of that. I didn’t tell you that I gained 6lbs last month. Ooops.

Honey Crullers be damned!

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  1. So jealous of paid maternity leave!! Congrats on all that awesome news.

  2. That’s great news! Glad things are looking up for you!

  3. Congrats! And yes, I think that three-year olds are harder than two-year olds. (Sorry.)

  4. Lisa was born exactly 16 days before the country went from 6 months of maternity leave (partially paid) to 1 year. At least I got the year with each of the other two.Childcare benefits? That is awesome! I do get a 20% discount on Maggie’s daycare fees from my employer and the government gives us $100/month for each child under 6, so I guess I can’t really complain. But still, what a bonus for you!

  5. That is really awesome about help with the kiddies. Goodness knows we can use every leg up we can get. Wish my employer shelled out for childcare. And paid maternity leave.Sheesh. I am working in the third world. Where are the want ads?

  6. I hope that you feel better soon! And you don’t look fat, you look so pretty. I’d love to see a new belly shot. :DAwesome news about the new benefits at work. Those are wonderful. Honestly I don’t know any companies around here that offer anything nearly that great. How nice to have childcare $$ to use for all 3 kids. And of course that’s a great reason to have one more baby with the 12 paid weeks. 😉

  7. So, um, WHAT bank do you work at? And can you get me a job there? I might even be willing to leave my husband and kids to start with a NEW husband and kids for health care like THAT!


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