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Well for starters, ED is fine. Bruised and still a bit swollen, but fine. We took him to the toy store after the urologist for being so brave, and as he put his selected toy on the counter her told the clerk “this is for my wee-nah.” Oy.

I actually left work early on Wednesday due to my cold and called in on Thursday as well. ED’s issue on Friday gave me another day off. Late Saturday night, my throat started to hurt and by yesterday it was excruciating. I hardly slept last night from the pain but dragged myself in today to catch up. My tonsils are huge; like golf balls, and red and bumpy. Yippee. Hub commented though that this is the longest I’ve gone in a pregnancy without antibiotics. He’s right—with 6 UTI’s during my pregnancy with ED and strep throat 5 times with CA, this is pretty good. She’s finding other ways to kick my ass though without being sick.

Did I mention that it was 87 degrees here on Saturday? Yes, in Buffalo. Fun times in which Hub did not put the air conditioner in. Also a really great time to discover that NONE of my summer maternity wear fits me. I don’t understand because it is the exact same size AND from the same store as the rest of my stuff. 6 pair of capris and 2 pair of shorts. Do not fit. WTF. I spent the weekend in an old pair of Hub’s sweat shorts. And when I went to him, for comfort, I heard “it really is your own fault; did you think you hadn’t gained any weight in the 3 years since CA was born? It would be like me complaining that my t-shirts from last year don’t fit.” I told him how they were the same size and that it makes no sense…and also that I wasn’t planning on spending any money on summer clothes. His response “you have your $200 from Christmas.” Indeed I do, but I was saving it for back to work clothes in the fall. He gave in later and told me I don’t have to spend my money……but GAH!

What else? As I mentioned baby clothes and gear to Hub yesterday for probably the 657th time he said “are you freaking out? Even just a little bit? Are you freaking out??” YES I’M FREAKING OUT!! We are having another baby in like, 12 weeks!!!! Oy.

Finally, Hub and ED started demolishing the kitchen yesterday, and I spent Friday and Saturday moving everything out, essentials in to the living room, non-essentials in to the basement. Guess when the cabinet install is scheduled for?? 5/16. Like, a month away. I can’t live out of my living room for a month. We’re moving a few things back in to the kitchen for the time being. It just seems like such a long process. By the time it is over, I’ll be ready to give birth. O M G.

I am off to the doctor. Hopefully for some good drugs.

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  1. Whenever I think about renovating the kitchen at our house, I wonder probably what you are wondering right now. How the sam hill do you live without a kitchen for who knows how long? I just don’t know how you are going to do it with two little kids and another on the way. SuperWoman, that is your new moniker.Also, so glad ED’s peeps are ok 😉

  2. Glad to hear about ED. Sorry you don’t feel well. Being sick sucks.I hate home improvement projects, which is why I built a new house. Of course, I haven’t sold my old house, and it needs work, so I suppose it doesn’t matter how I feel about home improvement projects. Gah.

  3. You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. You do have horrible problems during pregnancy. Un-lucky you.Yeah for new clothes. I worry that only after one pregnancy I’ll need new clothes next time. But yeah!Ahh, yes, I love this weather!Oh man, the kitchen. I would LOVE to remodel mine, but I dread the very thought of it. Plus I don’t think I could get Matt on board after the bathroom project (that still isn’t quite finished after almost 2 years). Good luck with that!

  4. Oh honey, I hope you are cuddled up on the sofa with a fuzzy blanket being waited on hand and foot right now.

  5. I’m glad that ED is okay, if bruised. And I am impressed at how much you are handling all at once.

  6. k so, umm, you know that at the bottom you have those little ticker tracker mabobs that say both kids first and middle names right? you know, cuz of the whole pseudo name thing.i commented this on an old post so people wouldn’t go down and look at it


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