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Irritation! Now With Pseudonyms!

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• I’m irritated today, for a number of reasons. Oddly enough, the 1st is my Google Reader, which is just plain not updating. Come on GOOGLE get it together. SO……for those of you with a sitemeter, I am not stalking you, just wondering if perhaps you have graced us with a post today.
• Both kids were ridiculous before we left the house this morning. Lucy burst in to tears because Bud told her she was not having any toast. I don’t know why she gets so upset when it is clear that Bud, the 4-year-old does not make the decisions. Then Bud freaked out when I told him to knock off the crap or he was spending the evening in his bed. Thankfully they were both calmed down and perfectly chipper by the time we got to school—I guess they needed their breakfast to metabolize?
• After drop-off I went to Tim Horton’s in the mood for something different than a bagel and a black coffee. I decided on an Iced Coffee (double double) and a muffin. Seriously all three of my muffin choices were sold out. So I settled on the onion bagel with extra butter, AKA “the usual” [fun fact, hub likes to order “the usual at random restaurants where he actually doesn’t have a usual and freak out the servers….] When I got to the window, and I’ll admit I was clearly annoyed, I asked to make sure there was, in fact extra butter. Bitch rolled her eyes at me but did check on it. Of course, said bagel was nearly dry and I had to fight with my self not to turn around and drive back and throw the bagel in that chick’s face.
• I was dealing with an issue at work today that either impacted like, 20 customers or 8000 customers. I was waiting to find out the impact before communicating. I got scolded for not letting the higher-ups know about it. You know what? I DON’T CARE!
• Hub stated that I am treating Lucy like a second class citizen because I haven’t found her a new gymnastics class yet. We make every effort to get Bud to Tae Kwon Do (um, WE don’t, HE does. That is out of my jurisdiction), so why shouldn’t we do the same for her? Is one week really going to make a difference? I mean he actually said that!! In any case, I found and secured a new place today with roughly the same time for class, so those other crappy moms will probably be there. How nice for ME!!
• My parents are both working Sunday and I really wanted them to watch the kids while we go see Ave Q. Not their fault, but annoying just the same.
• Still no B-day gift for Hub. I procrastinated and was going on my lunch break tomorrow, but now my newly engaged cousin is stopping by on her lunch so……GAH!
• I could go tonight, but my other cousin is borrowing my van. I hate going out after work anyway, so I suppose it is a blessing in disguise.
• I am ready to saw my freaking leg off; my hip hurts so badly. I just want to sleep in my bed and can only get comfy on the couch. What the hell was I thinking, getting knocked up again? (the reward in the end is well worth it….the reward in the end is well worth it) I’m just so tired…….and whiny, apparently.
• At least tomorrow is Thursday and I am off on Friday and it will FINALLY be May.

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  1. EVERYONE’S Google Reader is wonky these days. I don’t know WHAT the deal is but it’s very annoying!And also? UGH to all that other stuff.

  2. Oh, I hope you get an upgrade on the gymnastics moms. Ugg.

  3. Oh I hope the other gymnastics moms aren’t there. And if they are, that you think of us and know we will say nasty things about those moms for you. :)sorry you had a craptastic day. LOVE Bud and Lucy, btw.

  4. I missed a post and found myself wondering who Lucy and Bud were. I figured it out, though.How can I find you on Facebook? 🙂

  5. Second class citizen because of the gymnastics? That is soooo something Homer would say.I love the psuedonyms. I wanted Lucy for Maggie’s real name, but it was a little too close to Bart’s real name. Your Lucy looks like a Lucy. 🙂

  6. I totally put my head down and laughed at the “How nice for ME!”AAAAhhhahahahah.I remember the back pain being so bad with Jelly Bean that I wished for literal death. So, sawing off the leg doesn’t seem so bad. I know you really don’t want to hear my chipper na-na (Cajun for nonsense), but in the end, you won’t even remember how bad you feel now.


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