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I still have not bought my husband a birthday gift because I am a horrible excuse for a human being. Honestly, I just don’t know what to do. There is one thing in the world that he wants, but I think he’ll be upset with me because of the money. But why shouldn’t I spend it? Especially when he’s offered to take me to the new maternity store in town, that offers pregnancy massage and all kinds of other cool stuff, tomorrow…on his birthday. I don’t know. I have to go out after work tonight and make a decision because I wasn’t able to get out on my lunch today. 1st day of the month and work is a horror. I was up to my eyeballs in reports until about 12:30, taking a few minutes here and there to browse blogs in order to save my sanity. I will not miss the monthly reporting when I am off. No Siree.

We are thinking of cancelling the install for our kitchen. Hub thinks it’s ridiculous to pay close to $2k to install some cabinets when he is the one doing the entire tear-out and redesign. The guy is literally coming in to hang cupboards. He’s probably right; but I just want it to be so perfect. I’m going to trust him; I typically do on these matters anyway.

Have any of you gone to a home show, like at your local convention center? Hub gave our number (read, MY cell phone) to several companies and when they are calling to make appointments, they are insistent on both of us being there. Like, one person can’t make the decision. When Hub tells them that he is the one at home and that I work full time, they want to come out on Saturday or Sunday……or like, FRIDAY NIGHT! So we can both be there……it makes no sense to me. I flat out told someone who called last night that I didn’t care and that Hub makes house decisions—it was some gutter crap or something—why do I care about gutters??? OH! I don’t!! Anyhoo, the lady on the phone asked me if I could just be there as a personal favor to her because she gets in trouble if only one spouse is at the consult. WTF? Sure, Patty my dear old friend….as a personal favor to you. IDIOT.

Can someone remind me to pay my cell phone bill today? Kthanks.

So I used the pseudonyms yesterday……was it weird for anybody? The feeling of typing out “Lucy” and “Bud” was akin to speaking with marbles in my mouth. So should I try and get used to it? Should I resort back to ED and CA? Should I just use their real names for the love of Pete? Is it vain of me to assume that someone would specifically google my kid’s names in an effort to read about my life? Seriously? We all know it’s not about anonymity—billions of you know my full name because of Swistle and the Facebook and I don’t care. (Billions, HA, now that’s vain) It shouldn’t be this hard. But if I’m keeping the pseudonyms, I have to update my profile.

I’m babbling because I am wicked tired. I actually slept in bed all night and I feel worse than if I’d been on the couch.

I have to sort all of my reports to present at 2:00 PM so I guess I’m ending this now.

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  1. I do prefer Lucy and Bud to CA and ED, but who am I to judge? It is SO RIDICULOUS that I am still using AD when half the internets and nearly ALL of my commenters know her real name. The only thing that keeps me doing it is the off chance that The Steamrollah will suddenly take an interest in the blog.I probably will switch to pseudonyms soon, though.Fun fact! My grandpa’s name was Bud.

  2. I HATE the sales pitch where the want you to both be home. Some roofing companies pulled that crap when I was shopping around for a new roof and I just told them that we didn’t have time to meet together. Some ended up quoting, some didn’t.It took me a bit to get comfortable with my pseudonyms, but now I’m okay with it. I prefer names to initials, myself. It’s less confusing for me.Pay your phone bill. 🙂

  3. Tessie– I love that you are totally incorporating “The Steamrollah”

  4. Oh you’re on Facebook too? COOL! I like it~I keep tabs on my college age niece and 3 high school nieces/nephews. I have a couple of other friends from college and law school on it too. Pay your phone bill. :)I am not a fan of salespeople. Which is odd, since my dad was a salesman for 33 years. BUT, he only sold to business and not individuals, so I guess that takes the smarminess out of it. I like Lucy and Bud, but since all my kids’ names are out there, I am not one to say.

  5. I like the pseudonyms. Also, I say cancel the installation and use savings to justify the expense of buying your husband the thing he really wants for his birthday.

  6. Pseudonyms are good, I should probably switch over, too. I’ve just used their initials for so long, plus it would seem weird calling them by different names. Talking with marbles in your mouth is a good description.

  7. I like the names; I always get confused when people use initials. It’s harder for me to remember boy vs. girl.Pay your phone bill!

  8. I will if you remind me to pay the car insurance.I like the pseudonyms better.I would cancel the install. 2K is a rip off, seriously. Unless you literally have NO IDEA how to hang cabinets, that is. Then you’re up a creek, I guess.

  9. I don’t use fake names because my blog originally started as a way to keep in touch with long distance family/friends. Kinda silly to use fake names when your audience is your dad and your bff.My hubs is in full panic-mode about it. Should I remind him that he communicates and VISITS his online fantasy sport friends more often than his REAL ones? Gee, I’m pretty sure THEY know HIS freakin’ real name! Anyway, I keep thinking of starting another super-secret blog just so that I can start using fake names, but it just seems like such a hassle to have TWO blogs. I hardly have the time for the one…..Sorry. That was no help, was it?As for birthday gifts: I can’t help you there, either. My husband swore for years that he didn’t need/want anything for b-day, x-mas, father’s day, etc. and frankly, never seemed to show any excitement when I DID get him something (and I felt the same way about his giving ME stuff). And with money being tight, I chose NOT to get him a b-day gift this year. Just found out last week that he was deeply hurt and felt unloved. WTF? And now he’s sending me emails with EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE and SUPER-HARD-TO-PLAN gift ideas to “make up” for it. I am ignoring him instead of sending him a curt email back reminding him of the brand-new HD TV in our living room that we got so close to his b-day, that I kinda considered THAT his b-day gift. Boy, he has no idea how often I DO bite my tongue instead of hurting his feelings! So…Learning from that experience, I guess if you have a sensitive guy like MINE is apparently turning into, do spend the big bucks. And it IS nice to buy them something they really want every now and then.Anywho, we’ve had our roof and our driveway estimated by several people within the last several months–and only ONCE were we both here. And I kept the kids quiet in the other room and did NOT take part in the discussion. That’s just weird, man.

  10. That is really strange about wanting you both there for estimates. I’ve never had that happen. But Matt will tell them not to come at all if they keep stalking him. It makes him so mad.Do the work yourself on the cabinets if you can. That’s expensive. But I don’t mind doing a little work myself on house projects.The birthday present…who knows. Men can be so…fickle.I had a hard time with the pseudonames, but that’s only because I know your kids names. So when I see the initials, in my head I’m saying their actual name. But you do what you have to do. I kept my name off my blog, so that random people I know couldn’t search for me and find it. I guess if they’re really desperate and look for my kid and husband’s names together, they migh find it. But I don’t think anyone I know is THAT desparate. My family/close friends don’t really know about my blog anyway.Good luck at work today. Here’s hoping it’s better than yesterday.

  11. I vote you buy Hubs what he wants for his birthday. If he mutters about the money, just look him soulfully in the eyes and say, “I wanted you to have it. Don’t make me feel bad about buying you a birthday present.” That SHOULD work. (Wish I followed my own advice. I didn’t get my Honey what he really wanted for his birthday and just copped out and got him what he said he wanted? He sold it two weeks later on ebay. Yeah. Kill me.And why do they need to have you both there? Are they counting on one of you being a dumbass and talking the other into something they don’t really want to do? Gah. Hate people.Pay your bill, sweetie heart! You need that phone.

  12. I think I would have your husband tell the home improvement people he was single.It took me a little while to get used to my kids’ pseudonyms, but now it’s comfortable. One thing you could do is have them go by middle names: it’s easier to remember, since those ARE their names, and yet it’s really unlikely anyone would search by middle names. If I wondered if a friend had a blog, I’d search by her kids’ first names, but not middle. Um, NOT THAT I WOULD EVER BE NOSY LIKE THAT.

  13. Buying birthday presents under pressure STINKS. I made a resolution to try and reduce the guesswork for birthdays by buying them the same thing every year. For my husband, it’s salsa, because he loves it. I buy some gourmet brands from different locations every year.


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