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I am tired and cranky today. Seriously, just pissy and miserable.

I didn’t get home until almost 10 last night and while both kids were in bed, neither was asleep. Then I had to clear out the kitchen, again, because when we don’t work on it for a few days things migrate back in there. Hub needs to hang some more drywall and finish some electrical things, and OH, paint before Friday morning. Bud was up at 2AM and I slept miserably all night because it was hot and uncomfortable.

Work is ridiculously busy, with having to give assessments to and interview 7 candidates for a position I have open and need to fill before my vacation, which starts a week from today, in between my regular meetings. I also keep forgetting that I have to work this Saturday, potentially my last one before my maternity leave, which sucks to the highest degree.

The biggest source of my frustration is my FSA dependent care account which refuses to reimburse me for my childcare costs, though they have certainly deducted them from my paycheck, because they are idiots and don’t understand my receipts. As of tomorrow they will owe me $416.00. Everyone who answers the phones there is an idiot, so I spent my morning writing them a very strong-worded letter (which I am very proud of) which I faxed, emailed and mailed a hard copy of with extreme documentation of why, exactly, they suck. The benefit of this program is that $5k per year of my childcare expense is not taxable income. But the pain and frustration these a-holes are causing me, is making it so not worth it.

Today is the official start of my third trimester as I am 28-weeks along. Technically, 12 weeks to go, though I say 10. Getting the Pregnancy Weekly email this morning freaked me the hell out. Still so much to do! I could hyperventilate just thinking about it. It is time to make lists, lots of lists. I feel very disorganized this time around. I can’t even talk about it anymore because I can not breathe.

We are going out tonight to buy knobs for the cupboards and drawers, possibly a faucet, and we’ve decided to buy a new dishwasher. Nothing is wrong with ours, but it is a portable model. The conversion kit to make it fit under the counter costs over $100. We figure if we are spending money anyway, we may as well buy a whole new one. The old one is still in good condition, maybe 7 years old. We may try to sell it.

Speaking of my husband, he has this annoying habit of putting mouthwash in his mouth, coming out and putting his shoes on, and then spitting it in to the kitchen sink. I find this repulsive and I can not get him to stop. For some reason, the act of him spitting all over my dishes—even if they are dirty—is disgusting. Plus, the smell does not go away and it makes me so sick. I’m thinking of banning mouthwash in our house. He could probably do worse things though, right?

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  1. At first I thought you were saying that it was gross that he walked out of the bathroom with mouthwash in his mouth at all, and I thought, we do that! But we CERTAINLY do not spit it into the sink. We go back into the bathroom for that. Because yes it is gross to have used mouthwash all over your dishes. Yuck.

  2. Dealing with any kind of bureaucracy stinks. It’s hard to find people who actually KNOW what they are talking about. I could go on and on.But yeah to vacation! That is something so nice to look forward to.

  3. Husbands are just so clueless sometimes.

  4. I am no Fussypants about hygiene or germs or whatever, but SPITTING is one thing that grosses me totally out. I CANNOT watch anyone brush their teeth for that reason. I would have DIED had I seen someone spit in my kitchen sink.We have FSA too and it is nothing but a giant pain in the ass. If you itemize your deductions you can still take the daycare deduction instead of doing the FSA and get the tax benefit that way.

  5. hooray for lists! they always made me feel so much betterthe spitting would bother me too. I can’t stand people brushing their teeth either. I also don’t like when people drink around me because I don’t like the sound of gulping so maybe I’m just a Pain in The Ass

  6. 1. I can’t believe they won’t give you YOUR money. Um, it’s yours. I hate red tape.2. Sell the dishwasher. Or at least freecycle it. And get a fancy new one!3. The mouthwash/dishes thing is really really yucky. I am cringing. I wonder what is a good way to make him stop. Tell him the human mouth has more germs than a recently evacuated bowel movement, and therefore it is the equivalent of shitting in the sink.What? Too much? It might work.

  7. I hate doing those reimbursements for dependent care. I totally got screwed out of hundreds of dollars from that system in my last job.Hurray for reaching 3rd trimester!


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