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1. I am booked solid from 11:00-3:30 today and then have another meeting at 4. Here is the question: When the hell am I going to eat?? Hopefully the 3 bags of Munchos I bought from the vending machine yesterday (they were $.50!! A Bargain!! I couldn’t just buy one!!) will 1. get me through the day and 2. Not crunchily annoy the folks I am on the phone with.
2. I’m tired of people talking about gas prices. I realize it is expensive and a pain in the ass, but guess what—the majority of us have no other choice than to suck it up. So let’s stop making idle chit chat about it, and reporting about “NEW RECORD HIGHS!!” on the news. Let me tell you this—I filled my tank last Wednesday and it cost me $92.00. I am just now at half a tank. I’m going to assume that this will get me through Sunday because we have some extra driving to do—so 11 days for one tank at $92.00. it costs me $8.36 a day to drive to and from work, to the grocery store, gymnastics, Tim Horton’s, Tae Kwon Do, and/or Starbucks. If I took the bus to all of these different places, even if I had a monthly bus pass, it would cost me $8.33 per day PLUS a hell of a lot more time with walking from stop to stop, waiting, and changing bus lines. It is worth the extra $.03. Also—people need to stop sending the “boycott Exxon and Mobil” emails. Here’s a fun fact about gas which I learned when jack of all trades Hub owned a gas station for a few years: The majority of gas (at least in this area), regardless of where YOU buy it from, is purchased from Exxon or Mobil. You may be buying it at say, Getty, but it is probably Exxon/Mobil fuel. So there!!
3. Why do I need to continually explain to Lucy that fruit snacks are not an appropriate breakfast food?
4. A casual acquaintance (co-worker who takes her kid to our daycare) asked me last week about how I was feeling and I mentioned that this was the hardest pregnancy thus far. She had the nerve to say to me “Well, it does get harder with age……” Um, 1. How old do you think I am? And 2. Go to hell.
5. My hair is ridiculously long, thanks to prenatal vitamins AND being too lazy to have it trimmed. It is also 48 times fuller than it normally is. I bought Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight shampoo, and it works like a dream to tame all of the body. This is the type of shampoo that would give me limp locks when not pregnant, but it is SO the right thing for my hair right now. There are few things better than finding a good shampoo, no?

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  1. Man, I loved pregnancy hair. So thick and luxurious! I like your math on the gas. We spend about $40-50 a week on gas, but that gets five people where they need to be. “Well, it does get harder with age” Did you punch her?

  2. A good shampoo is SO important.And you are so right on the gas price thing. Plus we are incredibly lucky that our gas is so cheap to begin with. Europe has much higher gas tax and much higher gas prices than we do. With the exchange rate at the moment, when we were in Germany we calculated that gas is at something like $9 a gallon (1.50 Euros per liter, 4 liters in a gallon, a Euro being worth $1.50). So we are lucky! And if high gas prices mean that people think a bit more about how much gas they waste, so much the better.

  3. I hate those damn comments for MANY, MANY reasons, not the least of which is HOW WOULD SHE KNOW?This is exactly the kind of shit I was talking about YESTERDAY, which is that people talk about their experiences or others experiences as if they were SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE!HOW NICE FOR THEM!Ugg, busy day for me too. OBV I am crabby about it.

  4. Hmm, this reminds me of the nurse who, after Helen was born, said, “You want to be careful. You’re 33 now, and you don’t want stuff falling out.” GACK!

  5. Lori- I know. Hub mentioned that she is close to 40 and just had a baby–said that I should have said I wonder what it would be like at age 40…oh my god..She’s lucky I didn’t punch her. I’m 29!!!

  6. The gas thing baffles/infuriates me, but I guess, after reading your post and Jess’s comment, that it’s really not as bad as everyone is acting. I did know that gas has been comparatively MUCH more expensive in Europe for a long time, and they’re all surviving (assumably by not DRIVING ALL OVER THE FREAKING PLACE IN GIANT HUMMERS,) so I guess we will too!

  7. This whole post was a total delight.Also, wait: fruit snacks are NOT a breakfast food?

  8. Oh, that age comment – you should have said, “Really? Your last one must have been HORRIBLE!” Gas prices are going up? I hadn’t noticed. 😉

  9. Fruit snacks are an after breakfast treat in this house for the big kids. i.e. they eat ALL their breakfast and they get fruit snacks. Works like a charm. Except for when it doesn’t and my 3 year old is SCREAMING that he just wants fruit snacks and hasn’t had a bite of breakfast. Then I just want to throw them all out.I love Munchos. They are hands down one of the best snacks. I don’t know why I like them though. And I never buy them for myself because I’d eat the ENTIRE bag.

  10. Sadly, the only pregnancy hair I got was when it fell out in alarming mass quantity after I gave birth. But finding the right shampoo is so damn near impossible that it is a true coup.

  11. My hair is thick (well it’s always thick, but now it’s really thick), but no so much with the super long. You are so lucky. . . and now I want to try the shampoo. Maybe it will make my hair appear longer.

  12. My pregnancy hair just got long, fast. And I couldn’t drive, so it was tough finding time to get it cut. And the long, luxurious pregnancy nails were great!I hope that your meetings went OK.The age/pregnancy comment was downright rude! And No Whey Mama’s comment, wow! I can’t believe people actually say these stupid things to pregnant woman. What were they thinking? They are just asking for it.

  13. I have post pregnancy hair that is all coarse and dry and sucks!Don’t hate me but I filled my completely empty tank yesterday for $31. My gas budget is $80 a month and I actually drive alot to work and daycare so all I have to say to complainers is CIVIC NOT HUMMER PEOPLEand also – GOD YOU’RE OLD! How can you stand being pregnant?!?!?!? heh heh we’re the same age and that comment would have baffled me. most people actually wait until they’re older to have kids . . .

  14. *Gulp* The hardest pregnancy so far? Sigh. This distresses me because my first pregnancy was a breeze and the second was much much more difficult…does that mean the third on is going to be awful? Ug. I hope this isn’t a trend (for me. Gawd, Misty. Way to make someone else’s discomfort about you.)And wait…fruit snacks aren’t appropriate breakfast food? What?


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