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I typically blog from work, so here, my friends, are some photos of my very messy desk/office.

Let’s start with the full panned effect, shall we?? This is my office from left to right:

Some close ups of the actual desk:

And finally, my piles and junk, just for you, Tessie!

So what do you think?

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  1. Nice space! I didn’t think it was that messy at all. Are you on vacation now????

  2. I don’t think it’s that messy! At least, I hope not because mine is similarly messy.

  3. This is supposed to be the disaster area?? Pssshaw!

  4. As piles of junk go, those are unimpressively (1) piled (2) junky.I love your pink bag!

  5. HA! HA HA!THOSE are not piles and junk. Oh no.

  6. Two words: Shut Up.You call THAT messy? Good lord, honey. You got nothin’ on me. Hear that. NOTHIN’.

  7. Oh! Cubicle! Yikes! Sorry, man.

  8. This is nice. I don’t think it’s messy.


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