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Mild Complaining; Kitchen Photos

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I’m tired to day and very cranky thanks to 3rd trimester blues. I swear, for me, the 3rd trimester is worse than the post partum period. Of course, I write that and it seems harsh considering I wasn’t even sure that I loved Lucy all that much until she was close to 2-months old. It’s probably safer to say that when I’m in it, the third trimester is worse—my mood is definitely worse than post partum. And I am so in it right now—starving, but I can barely eat because there is no room and if I eat too much I seriously can not breathe not to mention the heartburn. The top of my stomach, under my ribs, is falling asleep. I have to pee every 10 minutes, but only a trickle comes out, and I have horrible insomnia which is making it hard to hold my head up here at work.

I’m not going to bitch (anymore) today though–hey, I’m on vacation starting Wednesday! I’m going to post some photos of our trip to see Thomas the Train yesterday, as well as kitchen progress!! WOOT!!

Bud working on the tear down—the door to the left, to FIL’s apartment is no longer there:

New cupboards, lights and countertops—the right of the sink is where FIL’s door used to be:

We have some plaster to take down on the other side still and we are moving the entrance from the living room in to the kitchen over to accommodate a breakfast nook. More photos of that soon. We also have to paint, do the electric, plumbing and floor. I can’t wait until we are 100% out of the 70’s!

Here are photos of all of us at Thomas yesterday. It was a bleak day; very cold and rainy, but the kids and their cousin J had a lot of fun.

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  1. Thomas the Train looks like fun.If it makes you feel any better, I agree with you about the suckiness of the third trimester. I am hungry pretty much constantly, but can’t eat much before I’m stuffed and feel like crap. And the peeing. . . and the heartburn. Oh Lord, do you have leg cramps? Because those are just horrible. But, still this has not been as miserable as the first trimester.

  2. Well, I’m jealous of your kitchen, and I’m sure Eli would be jealous of the Thomas trip. :)I found the postpartum time to be much easier than the third trimester this time around. I wish the same for you!

  3. I so wanted to chuck myself over a bridge every damn day in my 3rd trimester. Postpartum was so WAY better than 3rd trimester. even the part when I got a uterine infection and had to be rehospitalized – STILL better than 3rd tri.

  4. Well. Cross the third trimester off my list of potential future experiences that I’m looking forward to. Not that I was actively looking forward to it before. But you know.

  5. The third trimester is indeed tiring and sucky. blech.Those Thomas photos are awesome. My kids would be in heaven.

  6. Oh! The pictures of the kids are so cute! And the kitchen is so so pretty. Does it make you just want to cook something? It makes me want to cook something. 😉

  7. I love all the photos. The kitchen is looking gorgeous. You have great taste. It looks like the kids had a great time on the outing. Lucy looks so grown up to me now, and she’s so cute!I hope this last part of the pregnancy gets better for you. There are some hard things about it. I had the same problem with no room to eat much. I just didn’t have a big appetite through my whole pregnancy.


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