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I know, I’ve been Debbie Downer lately, all wah wah, woe is me, I’m pregnant and whiny and annoying. Sorry guys, I know. When I complained last week, about how 30 weeks sucks, Swistle pointed out that if you look at it in percentages, it might seem better. (It didn’t) I tried it out on Hub though because he’s probably more ready for this to be over than I am, and said “Hey, if you look at it another way, I am over 75% of the way there!” He didn’t buy it. Why? Because the last 25% is hell and outweighs the 1st 75% by at least half. Touché!

I am however, in love with the shape of my belly. It is round and perfect. I’d show you, but the stretch marks would be burned in to your retinas forever—so you’ll have to take my word for it. That’s the one thing I love about the end—there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there is a baby in there. Despite my recent attitude, I actually feel, well, beautiful. This is what my body was meant to do and it is the greatest feeling in the world.

I have been home alone with the kids each night this week and it isn’t going well. They’re starting to realize that I can’t move as fast as I used to, and that I’ll put up with a little bit more because I’m exhausted. I’m trying so hard to be kind, and not let the pregnancy interfere with being a good mommy, but man it is hard. Last night ended with me picking all 43lbs of Bud up and placing him in his bed because when I told him to get going, he looked me dead in the eye and said “NO!”. When he screamed to get out, I shut the door. I could not take it for another second. BUT! I didn’t scream at him—I removed him (and myself) from the situation. We ended up talking about it after 15 minutes or so and he went to bed quick and easy for me.

Lucy though, was in some pit of despair and was weepy and whiny all evening. This carried on to bed time, and she ended up being awake until close to 11, lying on top of me as I slept on the couch. Finally, she told me she was going to bed, and got up and went herself. She was actually pleasant this morning—waking up and immediately asking “What if I was a toaster? Could I make my own pop tart??” [ARGH!!!], so I am not sure what the deal was.

And oh, I found out that Bud told all of the kids in his class that I do not like his friend Mia. He has been speaking in this high pitched whiny voice at home lately and when asked about it said that it was how his friend Mia spoke. I told him that I did not like his voice, but to him this means that I hate Mia, and to all of the 4-year-olds, I’m the mommy who hates other kids. OY.

Hub will be gone to work before I get home tonight. With the 90-degree weather we are expecting today and tomorrow, my only wish is that he gets the air conditioners in and working before I get home.

Or else I’ll be sleeping outside in the kiddie pool.

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  1. Hey! I hate a Mia too! Child-hater HIGH FIVE!If you are 7 months pregnant, in 90 degree heat, with no air conditioning, AND you didn’t yell? Uh, I think you’re doing great.

  2. Wait. . . you have no air conditioning. Now I feel terrible for posting about how hot my office is. Because NO air conditioning would be awful. REALLY AWFUL! 30 weeks is over now right? And really, 31 weeks is almost over. You are practically 32 weeks.

  3. It’s perfectly Ok to let things slide a bit. They’ll get back to normal soon. “This is what my body was meant to do and it is the greatest feeling in the world.” Love this.

  4. It is SO NICE to hear a very pregnant person saying that they feel beautiful. I get a little frustrated hearing so many pregnant women complain about how big they are. I mean, I know it’s a valid feeling and it’s also very inconvenient, and that we all have different relationships to our bodies, but it just seems to me like that’s kind of the point of pregnancy. You get big, and there’s a valid, beautiful reason for it, and pregnant women are beautiful. So it’s nice to know that not every pregnant woman feels ugly.

  5. Ha. I just posted about trying not to be Debbie Downer! :)In my case, I’m an Abby hater.Wishing you a better night tonight, with a/c.

  6. Ha! I’m a mommy who hates other kids too! Particularly a couple whose names I won’t mention because their mothers are avid computer users and could CONCEIVABLY come across my blog, find out my moniker and then see comments I make on other blogs. CONCEIVABLY. In my paranoid mind. I guess that makes me a PARANOID child hater.

  7. And yes, while I meant that *I* was the paranoid one in my last sentence up there, paranoid CHILDREN also annoy me.

  8. I have several children I actually DO dislike, so at least it was a false rumor in your case.I always felt beautiful when pregnant, too, every now and again. Or if not beautiful in the conventional sense, at least sort of like a WALKING MIRACLE. I would just stand and stare at my belly (stretch marks and all) and try to get my head around it. A PERSON tucked inside another person, like those little Russian dolls. Pretty incredible.

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  10. You gotta admit, these gals are just too funny.You are lucky with the round belly. I felt like my stomach was this giant blob affixed to my abdomen. I wanted the cute round belly that was so compact. Instead, my body looks like it is growing a jiggly tumor or something. Ah, pregnancy.But when you watch your stomach and the baby rolls like waves in the ocean? So worth it.

  11. Yea, another child hater here. I thought I might warm to others’ kids after my own, but no.I loved the round belly. Even if it did cut off the breathing and stuff.

  12. I think a pregnant woman is the most beautiful thing ever. I felt very beautiful when I was pregnant. It was like THIS is what my body is meant to do. It’s just awesome and amazing no matter the aches, pains, and stretch marks.


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