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Friday Free For All

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• I have been leaning more and more toward Lynne for a middle name for this baby. Lynne is my middle name and I think it flows well with what we have chosen. Hub, per usual, has concerns. Bud shares Hub’s name. Lucy is just Lucy, and this baby will have part of my name. He feels as if in the future Lucy could feel wounded. My argument is that Lucy was given the girl’s name that I had pined for since I was in 9th grade. Doesn’t that count for something? Does anyone else feel like Hub thrives on conflict???? Ok that might be the heat talking, but jeeze!
• Speaking of the heat Hub did not get the AC on yesterday. It was a miserable night—to the point where he offered to at least take care of the bedroom (where up until last night I have not slept in for 3 weeks but that’s where the ceiling fan was) when he got home at 3am. I am not going to be a happy girl if it is not taken care of when I get home today.
• I took a trip to Chez Target on my lunch yesterday, looking for comfy, nursing appropriate hospital wear, and ended up leaving with 2 swimsuits for Lucy, 2 swim trunks for Bud, croc-style water shoes for each of them (which I swore I would NEVER buy, but they were $5.99 and very cute), sunglasses for me, and a cloth hobo-style bag that I converted in to a purse (it’s blue with teeny butterflies on it). No hospital clothes though. I liked nothing.
• I like how a lot of you picked up that I actually am a child hater in my last post. Some of those kids at daycare are just plain ANNOYING! I’m just not a fan of Bud telling people that I hate someone specific. (Speaking of my last post, I think I actually got a spam comment for Japanese porn.)
• I could have punched this lady out at daycare this morning, by the way. There are 2 PC’s where you sign your kids in and there she is holding her child (younger than Lucy, 18-mos or so), and having him touch the screen and look for letters and their name. I appreciate her trying to educate her baby, but the time and place for it is NOT when I am trying to get my already late ass to work. I kid you not, 5 other parents used the other computer while she used the one. And I, the poor planner, stood behind her thinking she’d be done any second while these other parents used the other one. Finally, when it was free, I stormed to the other one in a huff and shot daggers at this woman as I pounded my information in to the screen.
• Bud and Hub are going to Crash-O-Rama!! tomorrow and Lucy and I are doing something with my parents. Dinner will be involved but for the life of me I can not pick a place. Nothing sounds good—I’m tired of the American bar and grill experience. I just want something different and delicious.
• I’ve felt pretty good at work this week—I’m not sure if I’ve felt good enough to tell the doctor I can make it for another 2 when I see her on Monday, but in all, I’ve felt good. I kind of feel obligated to stay for a bit, since my boss was just dealt a huge personal blow and may be off of work for a bit. She’s taking things day by day and so am I.

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  1. My middle name is Lynn too! Without the E, though. Still, I think that’s great. And yeah, I think Lucy having your favorite name that you adored all your life is pretty special. I remember when I was younger thinking that my mom must have liked my sister’s name better than mine because she used it first.

  2. Lucy has a pretty name. If she frets, you can always just make up a middle name (Danger!). Kids don’t generally check their birth certificates.

  3. Wondering if people will put it together… SaLy= SAra LYnne:)

  4. I don’t think Lucy will mind… I think she’ll be thrilled to hear the story behind her name. All three of my kids have middle names that honour members of my family (Bart has my maiden name). My reasoning was that they got Homer’s last name, so his family was already covered. He bought it!

  5. OH! I hadn’t put it together! Oh! Clever girl.I like the middle name Lynne. As for Lucy being upset about not having a family name…it could happen. Whether or not it will…who knows? I am sure you can explain it to her in such a way that she will be thrilled about the name you chose for her.

  6. Scott thinks it’s funny that I always buy things for the kids when I go shopping for me. “But you were supposed to buy something for *you*!”

  7. I hadn’t put it together either, and I WONDERED about the Saly thing!I like Lynne with Olivia’s real name. Very sweet.

  8. I didn’t put it together either!(And my middle name is also Lynn.)

  9. Yeah, no I am too slow to figure out Saly. Sigh.My kids have some family names and some not. My son has no family names at all. The other 3 do. But he knows that he was named after a boy (now a man!) that my husband used to coach in hockey but sadly thinks his middle name is from Sponge Bob. 🙂 You know I never buy anything for myself!

  10. Izzy’s middle name is Lynne. We stuck the “e” there to differentiate her name from John’s sister’s first name–because we didn’t want his OTHER sister to get jealous thinking that we were naming the kid after the one and not the other. I also like the “e” on the end because my middle name is Anne with an “e”–and my mother and my oldest daughter. It was a way to keep the “e” tradition and yet not give each girl the same middle name. But then I worry that Izzy will be upset that she has a different middle name than the other three generations. We probably put WAY too much thought into all that.

  11. My middle name is Lynn, too. Without the E. If I ever get knocked up again (let’s all hope NOT), I may use it as a middle name (because we all know it would be a girl). Anyway, my oldest doesn’t have a family name, while my three younger ones all have middle names after a family member. She either hasn’t noticed, doesn’t care or cares but not enough to complain about it. I have told her how her dad and I decided on her name, and she seemed happy with that, so I think it’s a non-issue for her.

  12. I like Lynn!”Thrives on conflict”–ha ha ha!

  13. I like Lynne with “Olivia’s” first name. I think it works well. And I wouldn’t worry about Lucy, I think her name is special in it’s own right.I always buy way more things for my son than myself, even when I go looking for me. Guess it just happens.


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