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32-Week Visit and Weekend Recap

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Well, unless something changes drastically, I will be working for 2 more weeks. The visit, which lasted all of 4 minutes, was pretty uneventful, save from discussing AGAIN that we probably want to induce the week of 7/21. She apologized for continuing to bring it up, but wants it to always be on the front page of my chart. Fine by me; let’s just get her out of there, kthanksbye. I also got my script for the big 36-week sonogram to see just how big she is. Hub wants me to wait to schedule it until he has his calendar in front of him; he wants to be there. Hopefully I’ll have it taken care of before the end of the day.

Headlines all weekend, actually since last Wednesday, have been “Summer Has Finally Arrived!!!”. Headline is not necessary; the 90 degree weather has kind of tipped us all off. Normally, I would not mind a bit. But dudes, it is hot. Hub had the AC working by the time I got home on Friday though, so I have only been moderately miserable.

Hub and Bud did the big Crash-O Rama!! on Saturday and Lucy and I ended up at The Cheesecake Factory with my parents. Lucy was a sourpuss through most of dinner, until the server brought her a tiny dish of vanilla ice cream as we ate our cheesecake. Once my parents were gone, she was fine. We decided to walk through the mall for a bit—after she demanded to rent a race car buggy—and found ourselves at JCP where I bought Bud 6 pairs of shorts and 4 nightgowns for Lucy and spent only $42. I feel like my summer shopping is finally done. We then walked back to The Cheesecake Factory so I could pick up a slice of cheesecake to bring home for Hub. By the time we were home it was nearing 9:30, and Lucy insisted on wearing one of the new nightgowns to bed.

I don’t know what it was about the nightgown that made her seem so grown up. There she was in her big-girl bed, tangled in her blankets, her legs seeming so long—she seeming so old—and I was overcome with emotion. My baby girl is so not my baby anymore. In a little more than 2 months, she will have already been a big sister for a few weeks, and she will turn 3. My baby girl.

It was overcast and muggy yesterday afternoon, but we decided to pack a small picnic and head to the park anyway. We had good intentions of walking through the woods, but Hub and I watched the kids on the playground from our seats in the back of the van, and then we all shared ham sandwiches, chips and Doublestuff Oreos before taking a few more trips down the slides and heading for home. The kids slept on the 30-minute car ride, but we had them rest for a bit when we got home as well. Truth be told, Hub and I were exhausted.

The sun came out in the late afternoon, and Hub did some yard work (which included an unplanned event of cutting our front bushes down to stumps because “he hates them” [never mind how I feel about them]) while the kids played with the hose (note to self, buy each child a second pair of water shoes to take to daycare) and I cut meat and veggies for shish kabobs in the kitchen. Hub grilled and we had a late dinner and had the kids in bed and sound asleep by 8:30.

It was my kind of weekend, eventful without actually being eventful. Hub’s goal for this week is to completely finish the kitchen so that we can eat Father’s Day dinner together at the table.

Mine is to get more than 4 hours of sleep in a night.

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  1. *I’m* the one who cut our bushes down. But they were so ugly.Glad pregnancy stuff is going well and that you’re at peace with whatever way Baby arrives.

  2. 😦 I am hormonal so the whole long-legged-child-is-not-a-baby-anymore thing is going to make me cry.God. I know how that feels.

  3. Misty- I know–I didn’t even write about Bud and how long and skinny his legs are now. It’s like he’s all legs. 😦

  4. 7/21 is SO close! I am super excited for you!!! Your weekend sounds like it was great.

  5. That’s so bittersweet and poignant, that image of Lucy looking all grown up. I think new clothes really make a big difference.

  6. I know that image~of the big girl in the bed. I remember when my son was born, and my daughter suddenly seemed too large and gangly. It was a horrible awakening for me.32 weeks! Hooray! The end is near. 🙂

  7. Glad your appointment went well. Too bad about working a few more weeks, but it will fly by. July 21st? Wow, that’s soon. July is only a few weeks…days really…away!


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