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You Spoke! I Listened! Hair and Pedi Photos Plus 33-Week Bonus Photo!

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I really should have just stayed home today, but my obligation to my job is too strong. Actually, those 18 reviews are still hanging over my head and 9 of them were scheduled for yesterday, so here I am. Cold, clammy and still sick but sipping on tea and nibbling a bagel and trying not to die. I do thank you all for your comments yesterday, and I concur, that the barfing flu while 8-months pregnant is not something that I would wish on my worst enemy. The worst part? Peeing my pants while vomiting. Oh yes, it was glamorous.

Let’s keep this short, shall we, and get to those photos? Then I’ll get back to dying and hopefully not infecting my staff.

After her bath on haircut day. I love the nightgown!

Posing for me

A Better shot of the whole cut

Our toes–please ignore my fat feet and the flip-flop indentations. It’s gross.

Bud wearing the hat I purchased for Olivia to come home in. (I am returning it because it is full of holes—and now very stretched out)

Did I mention that Bud had a dance recital at school?

He is very handsome. 🙂

Finally, here is Lucy resting her chin, not on a red rubber ball, but on my bulbous belly @ 33 weeks.

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  1. Great photos! And I totally thought that last shot was of a red ball – sorry!I’m glad your pukefest seems to be over.

  2. I love the last photo.

  3. Your kids are so cute! The haircut is adorable and I love the matching purple toes.

  4. Not only does the color match, but the TOES match. Meaning you guys have the same feet. Too cute.Good luck you brave brave girl. Here’s to avoiding the puking/peeing combo at work! (And forever)

  5. So cute! Love the haircut and the toes and the handsome little Bud!

  6. The feet photo is a riot. It’s like feet and mini-me feet. They are the same.

  7. Ah, even puffy, those feet are cute! Pregnancy in summer is hell on earth, yeah? Five more weeks, baby.

  8. Great photos! the kids are adorable. I like the matching toes. I am going for a pedi on Saturday and maybe I’ll buy the polish and paint my oldest’s toes so we match.

  9. My toes are the exact same color as yours!!

  10. Lucy peeking over the belly is adorable. I love her new haircut, it’s perfect. She looks so pretty and grown up. And Bud has such a cute smile!Glad you’re feeling better.


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