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If I Say It Enough, It Will Be True

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4 weeks from now. 4 weeks from now. 4 weeks from now.

Four weeks from now is my tentative induction week. My practice induces Monday through Wednesday. Hub wants Wednesday. Whatever, dude. 4 weeks from now. Of course, we will know more on the 11th which is when I have my internal scheduled for 9:15 AM and my sonogram scheduled for 12:30 PM. But I am banking on 4 weeks from now, July 21-23, having this baby.

4 weeks from now. If I keep saying it, it might just be true.

Hub went with me to my OB visit today, not for any particular reason, but more for “why not?”. It was uneventful per usual. The ball is completely in my court as far as when I would like to stop working, so I will show up to work for a few hours on next Tuesday and be done with it. Then I will happily collect my bonus at the end of the month.

I had to have Hub take Lucy to gymnastics on Saturday on account of being unable to walk. When he came home, he immediately took Bud to Tae Kwon Do for photos, and after that FIL took both kids to a cousin’s T-ball game so I worked on laundry while Hub did kitchen stuff. We ended up having a killer fight while they were out, that I don’t really want to talk about, but that partially because of my hormones and partially because of his temper left me completely out of control. Things are fine, but I’m still not over it. I can’t even think about it without having to fight back tears.

So let’s move on…

We cooked and ate in the yard Saturday night and just as we were gearing up to make s’mores, we had a thunderstorm and pouring rain. The fire lasted long enough to toast 2 marshmallows and make 2 s’mores. It was a fun filled family activity, short of my neighbor being perched on her deck throwing comments at us. “Hey Sara, that’s a lot of baby in there, huh?” “Sara, are you sure that’s a girl? Looks like a boy to me!!”

The kids were up late, but they didn’t sleep in on Sunday. Hub got right up and started working and I am pleased to say that short of paint and molding on the walls and ceiling, a bit of edgework, and the floor being laid, the kitchen is done!! The breakfast nook is done!! It is beautiful!!! I am more than pleased. Meanwhile, I sat around on the couch, took a luxurious 30-minute shower, put the bouncy seat together, and chopped meat and veggies for dinner. Much less productive, I know.

Soon it will be over though. 4 weeks from now.

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  1. You’re almost there! Scott always wanted my inductions scheduled as close to the end of the week as possible, so he didn’t have to miss much work. I say, inductions happen when the doctor says they do.Did you throw flaming marshmallows at your neighbor? I would have.

  2. Only 4 more weeks? Squee! Can’t wait!(Jason and I had a ridiculous killer fight this weekend too. Lots of totally inappropriate behavior from him, swearing and crying from me, the whole nine yards. Ick.)

  3. Four weeks is so soon! Also, s’mores are better raw anyway. Seriously.Sorry about the fight, though. Ugh.

  4. Four weeks! FOUR WEEKS! You’re almost there!Sorry about the fight. Fight suck, and pregnant fights are even worse. I always end up half-crying because of the fight, half-crying because I can’t even FANTASIZE about leaving him when I’m 36 weeks pregnant.

  5. Shauna–yep that was pretty much it!!Swistle, you are so spot on…..

  6. “There’s a lot of baby in there”Hmph! I want to tell her “Shut your mouth, you nosy old biddy. May your sins keep you awake at night.”Shame on her. Also, yay for new kitchens and bouncy seats! Also yay for four weeks! We will chant with you. Four weeks! Four weeks! Four WEEKS!

  7. Four weeks! Hooray! Having a timeframe is so nice.And kitchen work almost done. A double nice.Fights suck. Sorry you had to have that happen this weekend. But hooray for four weeks!

  8. Oooo…you must be so excited to have that kitchen almost done.So glad my neighbours can’t see over our fence. Not that they would comment anyway. We used to live across the street from a guy who pretty much lived on his front porch and felt compelled to comment on everything you were doing. I dreaded going outside, because I knew I would have to make small talk with the guy every time. I’m so sociable. Four weeks… four weeks… wow. This pregnancy went pretty fast for me. 🙂

  9. Four weeks!! I am jealous. Our fights seem worse while I’m pregnant too. Most of the time I really think it’s that my feelings just get hurt WAY too easily.

  10. Oh ugh on the fighting, I hate times like that. But: 4 weeks! That’s so great!

  11. 4 WEEKS? That’s practically tomorrow! It will fly by.Silly neighbors. I’d be tempted not to step outside after that.I’m sorry about the fight. That’s tough. And the pregnancy hormones don’t help.


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