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I don't feel weepy or anything. I actually feel fierce and protective
of the baby. I don't want anybody to look at her or hold her-not even
her grandparents. I am annoyed by my husband's every move for no
particular reason. My temper is short with the big kids. I'd really
just like to feel normal for a change.

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  1. I remember feeling that way towards Addy for a few weeks after Eli’s birth- she just seemed so GIANT and CLUMSY and I wanted to snap at her every time she lumbered over to touch the baby with her big, possibly dangerous hands! I think it must be biology, of course, an overprotective instinct towards the helpless newborn, but it does suck. You know in your HEAD you’re being unfair, but your hormones are saying CLUTCH BABY TIGHTLY AND RUN TO A SAFE CORNER!

  2. Oh honey I’m sorry. I remember those feelings too. I hope it gets better.

  3. Ug, I’m sorry! People talk about how awesome nature is, but frankly I’m not sure she couldn’t stand a little tweak.

  4. Man, hormones are CRUEL. I’m a little afraid.

  5. I can totally understand that. It will get better. And you’ll be more relaxed as the baby grows a bit and you will feel a little more comfortable with others around her.

  6. It is hard. I was like that with Jelly Bean. I didn’t want anyone to hold him but me.

  7. Just catching up on all of your posts. It sounds like you are doing really well, all things considered!Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  8. Would you prefer sarcasm or sympathy? I’ll give you both so you can change my response depending on your mood. :)Sarcasm: Hey, only 17 years of abnormal to go!Sympathy: Hang in there!

  9. That’s basically how I felt too – I did have the weepies but only for a couple weeks for the most part. I firmly believe that there is no “normal” after you’ve had a baby (or three).


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