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Hub was speaking to a customer today who mentioned that his 7-week old
had started rolling over. Hub told him that our 8-week old has not.
Customer asked him in all seriousness 'Well did your wife take
prenatal vitamins?' What a jackass. And if your question, like mine,
is whether or not Hub punched him in the face or told him off, the
answer is no. It's not just women! The menfolk play 'my baby is
smarter' too. I'm pretty sure that bringing my prenatal habits in was
a low blow. Ass.

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  1. People are so insecure. And weird.

  2. People are so stupid. . .

  3. What the…. That must be their first baby. Duh, doesn’t he know different babies develop at different speeds?

  4. MUST be their first baby. Because otherwise they’d know not to ask such innane questions. People are stupid.

  5. HILARIOUS. This is the new “HOW NICE FOR YOU!”2-year-old having a tantrum? Well, did you take your prenatal viatmins?Teenager sneaking out of the house? PRENATAL VITAMINS!!HAHAHA!

  6. Tessie- I love you. Thanks for making me laugh today.

  7. Good Ga-rief. Trying to one up…Pfft. Obviously, I have nothing eloquent to say. This just makes me roll my eyes.

  8. OMG! I agree–must be his first baby.Tessie–you are a riot!

  9. Ha ha! That is hilarious in a maddening, face-punching kind of way. My first thought was “PINEHOLE” and my second thought was “FIRST BABY.” Also, I don’t think any of my kids rolled over before 3 months, and at least one was 4 months, and I took my prenatal vitamins EVERY DAY.

  10. Lord my 5 MONTHER just started rolling over. Apparently I should have been taking a double dose of the vitamins.first kid for sure


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