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• I had every intention of buying a black coffee and one of those lo-cal flatbreads for breakfast this morning, and the guy and Dunkin talked me in to a pumpkin latte (not as good as Starbucks) and a pumpkin muffin (ditto). We’re also having cake today for a birthday. Yes, my job makes me fat. It’s no wonder I didn’t gain any weight the last month of my pregnancy. I was home.
• People are weirded out by breast pumping. I’ve gotten dirty looks after every pump so far, while rinsing it off in the bathroom.
• I feel like I could go in to a whole tirade about breast milk not only being the best option, but also, because of THE ECONOMY, I couldn’t afford $32 a can for formula if that was in fact, my preferred feeding method. But I won’t.
• I hate my hair. I’ll take a photo of it tonight. Way too dark. I love the cut though.
• I talked to the baby on the phone and she cooed and gurgled at me. I love her.
• Bud woke up at 6 this morning. Apparently, he can hear my alarm clock in his room and “It bodders me!!”
• The baby has her 2-month appointment today and will get 4 shots. I thought about leaving work early, but then figured I had taken the other kids for shots by myself on several occasions so there is no reason why Hub can’t take Liv. I’m dying to know how big she’s gotten though, my portly chunk.
• Lucy is no longer taking gymnastics. She didn’t like her new class, which is not parent assisted, and cried for 3 weeks straight through the entire class. She’s only 3 so I’m not too upset about it. What can you do?
• If I get one more political email, I am going to scream.
• And if I get one more political email based solely on religion, I’m going on a full fledged rampage.
• Oh, and finally, I turn 30 in exactly 2 weeks. How did that sneak up on me so fast? This whole BABY thing, I suppose. ME in my thirties. Can you imagine it?

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  2. Work sounds yummy. lolI’m sure the shots will go well – can’t wait to hear how big she is. 🙂

  3. I love list posts.I’m glad you took Lucy out of her gymnastics class. No need to make you both miserable.

  4. I once colored my hair too dark. I was going for “the color it is when it’s wet.” Instead I got “the color that makes my face vanish unless I use lots of makeup.”

  5. Oooo, I love this time of year with its pumkiny goodness. Alas, we don’t even have a Starbucks. (Insert incredulous look from Saly). Yes, I know.And I want to know how big that sweet girl is too! Also, I used to wash out my breast pump stuff in the kitchen and leave it in the drainer tray to dry So. Maybe you should tell the old biddies that!

  6. People are still so weird about breastfeeding, in general. I can see it a little in guys, given their unique perspectives on breasts, but women? They need to get over it and be supportive.

  7. There’s a woman in my office who pumps and everyone here is super supportive of it. It makes me sad that that’s not the case everywhere.


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