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We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming, Already in Progress

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The tough thing about being back at work is that I don’t actually have anything to do. Three months off will do that to you. I spent the morning going through emails and updating my security and all that jazz, pumped, ate lunch, checked on the baby and now here I am, twiddling my thumbs…well in a virtual manner.

I spent the end of last week preparing for my return today, by cutting, like, a foot off of the length of my hair and coloring it a shade that I think is way too dark. I shopped for clothes on Friday and had a minor breakdown in NY & Co. because nothing fir me the right way. Post-baby flab sure is a bitch!!

We took the kids for ice cream on Saturday at the local stand which was closing for the season, and then took a long walk through the park before going home for dinner and Hub worked most of the day yesterday. I did make homemade mac and cheese for dinner though, and it turned out pretty well.

The babe was in bed by 9:30, and slept until 6:30 when I woke her to eat this morning, so I am well rested, save for this pesky cold, and pretty much back to the grind.

It feels like I never left. I don’t necessarily miss being home; routine and structure is good for me—but I can’t actually say that I’m enjoying being back to work. I’m already tired of the “How have you been???? How’s the baaaaaabeeeeee???” questions. People are just being nice, I know. But God, it’s old. And then there’s your standard BS……which didn’t let up and was waiting for me right where I left it.

In other news, guess who is 2-months old today???? Why it’s the chubbiest baby in town!!

My, how I miss her.

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  1. Aww! Those cheeks! I’m still working on getting rid of the post-baby tummy, eight months later. This is meant to be supportive, not depressing.

  2. ok at those legs! what a cutie.

  3. She’s so sweet!My mat leaves were a year long and it still felt as though I never left! Leaving in October and returning the following October, I had to keep reminding myself that a whole year had passed. Strange feeling.

  4. Would you mind if I nibbled on her chubby hands for a little bit? KThanx!

  5. Two months has gone by so fast!

  6. Num, num, num….love the chub!Welcome back to work. Love the twitter about rinsing the pump. Tee hee!

  7. Hmm. This is me, forgetting everything you just said to wish I was Canadian and had 1 year maternity leaves like LoriD.Ok! Back!The baby is yummy. She looks just like a cross between Bud and Lucy! And soon you will have lots and lots to do and be looking at the paneled ceilings saying, “WTF! I need a vacation!” Also, want to see new hair.

  8. Glad that getting back to work is going OK. And that’s great that baby O sleeps so well at night. She’s a sweet little darling too!


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