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I was going to make this a post all about birth control. And how I know that I don’t do well with hormones coursing through my system. And how I should have remembered this before even trying the mini-pill and then the Nuva Ring. And how despite the adds about how comfy the ring is, it is SO not (this perhaps has something to do with having pushed out 3 giant heads, but whatev). Instead, I will say that I am giving up on birth control. There was a reason why I abandoned it as soon as Hub and I were married and I will never go back. Why should I continue to put my body through hell. I have had the babies and my body has had enough. Hub can deal with the birth control from now on. And when it comes time, he can get the good old snip. I’m not ready to make that commitment yet, so we’ll do what we did before. ‘Nuff said.

We didn’t have any plans this weekend, but we were ridiculously busy around the house. We finally moved all of our stuff in to the kitchen; you know, the stuff we got for our wedding but haven’t had room for these last 6 years. I organized and got rid of a ton of Tupperware and went through our junk drawer. I used some leftover Tupperware in that drawer to separate things like pens and corn cob holders etc. This was a cue from LoriD and a total penicillin area for us. I feel accomplished and really good about this kitchen. My last project is our small cupboard that I want dedicated to the baby’s food. Right now it is a random mishmash of crap, with formula and bottle liners on the bottom shelf. I’m still working on that one.

You may have noticed that I crapped out on NaBloPoMo and also my 30 Years in 30 Days series. I suck, I know.

I was thinking though, based on my post from Friday that I might start a second blog relating to my becoming healthy. Some of you expressed interest in us possibly motivating each other. Would anyone be interested in posting to this new blog with me? No time commitments or posting requirement or the pressure to say “I weigh xxx lbs”, but just something out there to say we are in this together; we are trying to change for the better? Let me know, ok? I am going to start the blog regardless.

And on that note, I am back to work! I need to try and get out of here early because The Bills play tonight and I don’t want to get stuck in tailgating traffic.

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  1. I will never be on any hormone birth control ever again. it makes me miserable and bitchy and I flat out refuse from now on. so the big snip should happen in our house eventually . . .I’m interested in doing the other blog if you do start a group one!

  2. I would love to give up on hormonal BC. You are inspiring me once again. Don’t know how much I’d post to the other blog, but I’d certainly support it and post when I could!

  3. I love the entire first paragraph. I’d like to do that myself, and might. Except I’m worried he’d actually get the snip, and I still might want another baby. On the other hand, if he’s in charge of the birth control and DOESN’T get the snip, I’m more likely to get that baby!

  4. I don't use birth controll either, and I never will. I don't know if my hubby will ever "get the snip", and that's OK with me. But I think it scares him a bit (to get it & also not to get it). Those are just the chances you take, I guess.I'm glad the kitchen organizing went well. It always feels good to accomplish something big like that.I've thought for a long while about doing a "healty" or "weight loss" blog. I'm worried I won't have enough to post about. I would be interested in doing one with you. Shoot me an e-mail if you think that would work for you.

  5. Swistle—YES! If he’s in charge, babies are his fault, not mine. Ooops… lol

  6. Sigh. . . I am in the process of trying a different kind of BC. The last kind made me a total mess. I hate the whole thing.

  7. But when do we get to seeeee the kitchen?I haven’t been in charge of BC since I went off before getting pregnant with Lisa. The snip has NOT happened yet, but I’m encouraging it!

  8. Birth control really does suck. The snip is SO happening over here. (someday…)

  9. We have been hormone-free for the last year–and no OOPS yet. I really thought my getting off the pill would encourage him to go get snipped since HE is the one going back on the “four kids” promise. Nope. BUT: I’m actually thinking of getting back on the pill because THE ACNE! Oh, dear Lord, I forgot about the horrible acne I had pre-bc! But is a blackhead-free face worth the hassle of the daily pills? How VAIN CAN I GET?!I don’t need to lose weight, per se, but I definitely need to work on eating a bit healthier more regularly. OH! And exercising, um, MORE OFTEN. I do walk at the mall during my lunch hour, but lately it’s only been maybe once a week–and let’s not talk about all the shopping distractions which SOMETIMES occur. ahem. So, I’ll join your group. All of us could use some cheerleading!

  10. I feel so, so lucky that the pill doesn’t affect me at all. I don’t even notice that I’m on it.

  11. I’ve never done well with hormonal BC, and after the birth of #2 I opted to get the Mirena IUC. I love it. Love it. It’s effective immediately, lasts for 5 years with no maintenance, DH can’t feel it when we’re intimate, and it can be removed at any time, leaving your fertile again should you want another baby. The hormones are completely localized to your uterus, so they don’t enter your bloodstream. Plus my periods are much, much shorter and lighter than they ever were before. It can be pricey (our insurance covered it 100%) but I think it’s totally worth talking about with your GYN.Just thought I’d jump in and add my 2 cents. 🙂


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