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So, everyone had a busy weekend, huh? We spent Thanksgiving with my parents this year, and then I cooked at home on Friday. BIL, niece, and MIL came over and it was a nice time. I love turkey sandwiches.

The baby turned 4 months old on Saturday and had her regular 4-month checkup. It went well; she weighs 15 lbs and is 26 inches long which explains why her toes are trying to poke out of all of her jammies. When I spoke with the doctor about her spitting up, she decided that it was not just “normal” because of it’s frequency—she spit up 4 times while we were in the office alone—and prescribed Zantac. She gets a teeny tiny baby dose twice a day. I’ve seen no results so far, but the doctor said it could take up to 2 weeks. She seems to hate the taste of it though, which is peppermint. And if I were a baby, I might not like peppermint either. We got the go ahead to start solids, but if I’m being honest, she’s been getting cereal for about a month already, and we started fruits about a week ago. So far, she’s had applesauce and bananas and she loves them. We have one more day of applesauce and then I think I’m going to do squash. I’m glad she’s a good eater.

I thought of Sarah when we were there because the nurse said “so she’s rolling……” as if it were a fact, not a question. And when I said no, she looked alarmed and said “not even one way??” No, not even one way. Then she told me that I needed to put her on her tummy more often. To which I replied that this is my third baby, and I’m pretty sure that 1. I know what I’m doing and 2. she’ll roll when she’s ready. Er…emmm…except that I didn’t. But I totally cursed her out in my head though my lips just made a straight pressed line on the outside. She really wants to roll but her chubby legs seem to prevent her from doing so. I’m not worried about it.

We spent all day with the Christmas decorations yesterday and it was probably the least fun I’ve had in years. The kids were just on my last freaking nerve the whole time. Bud broke 2 ornaments and Lucy was overly whiny. Hub, who was putting up the outside stuff, checked to see how things were going at one point and all that I could say was that I needed a drink. STAT. I finally shipped the kiddos down in to the basement and finished it myself. You can tell how tall the kids are because the ornaments on the top half of the tree are sparse……but it looks good. And we only had to tell Bud to get out from under the tree one time…

And today I am at work. I am here for the next 3 weeks and then I am off for 2. I hope the time flies!!!

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  1. Geez, that nurse sounds lovely.

  2. Really? She’s expected to be rolling over at 4 months? Thppt.We didn’t even get around to the Christmas decorations on the weekend. Lisa had been to a sleepover, Bart was a little under the weather and I was in no mood to listen to whining and fighting. I’ll start pulling out a few things this week and we can do the tree decorating on the weekend.

  3. Brother practically put up the tree himself as I was running in and out of the house to put bedding on the clothesline. I got a wild idea to wash all the linens. Tonight we start the advent calendars I made! I love Christmastime. As for Liv, is it weird that I thought she was older than 4 months? It just seems like she was always a part of your family.

  4. I love this third-baby perspective you have. A first-time mom would be freaking out and there you are, totally calm and level-headed. Go you.

  5. phhhht on the rolling over – Bea was like . . . 5 or 6 months? Not interested. Our doctor said “my kid didn’t roll over until 8 months and she still managed college” when I asked about it. God I love our pediatrician.We didn’t sleep this weekend and I don’t know how we’ll ever recover. We tried to do decorations but most are still in boxes piled up all over the house making me want to cry when I trip on them. we did almost finish making an advent calendar though . . .

  6. Thanks for the Oriental Trading tip. Just ordered some stuff! 🙂

  7. I second LoriD: Thppt. Exactly. I don’t think ANY of my babies rolled before 4 months.I let the kids help decorate the tree and I think I lost a whole layer of enamel off my teeth.

  8. That is the most wonderful thing about not being a first time mom~you can go with the flow a bit easier. :)I can’t have my kids decorate with me. It makes me want to drink, heavily.

  9. Oh, I can’t wait for Christmas vacation either. It’s like the long Thanksgiving weekend is just a little tease. Then we have to be tortured until Christmas.Glad you had a nice weekend though. And I can’t believe how quickly Liv is growing up. (I stopped caring about the doctor’s assessments. I still haven’t taken Zachariah in for his 2 year check up. WHat’s the point? By now he’s closer to 3 anyway. Oops, bad mommy.)

  10. Well at least we know we’re not alone, I guess. 🙂


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