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My house looks like there was some sort of explosion. Laundry, birthday gifts, and brick-a-brack festoon every surface. Having an entire sick family has hit us very hard. With the exception of Hub, who wouldn’t pop Vitamin C and the other vitamins I recommended, we are all feeling better. He is still behaving as if he is on death’s door. And today is his day home with the kids, so there is no telling what I will find when I get home tonight. I am glad to be at work for the time being, that is for sure.

Bud had a mini-meltdown last night because it was his turn to give me the first kiss, and I had mistakenly bestowed that honor on Lucy. He was fine until he told me that the kiss he gave me was the LAST! KISS! EVER! and then faced the reality of actually never kissing his mom again. He totally freaked out and needed about 20 minutes of sitting in the living room with Liv and me while Lucy went to sleep on her own. She did go to sleep, eventually, but not before going thru Bud’s dresser and putting on his “I watch ESPN with my Daddy” T-shirt over her button down, princess covered flannel pajamas and through her own drawers to pull on some stripe-y Christmas knee socks, pulled up over her pajama legs, of course. Imagine my surprise when I went in to check on her before going to bed myself. We’ve been calling her Punky Brewster lately as she loves to express herself through odd fashion choices on a regular basis.

Liv was the final of our 3 children to make it in to the dr. last week, and she came home with prescriptions for Albuterol and Cefprozil (or something like that). Albuterol makes this child a beast, so I’ve made an executive decision to only give it to her in the event that her wheezing was out of control. Thankfully, after about 5 treatments between Friday and Sunday, she has been ok. Still coughing, but ok. The dr. tested her again for RSV and advised that if this one came back negative too, that we would likely need to explore the possibilities of her having asthma. I got the call yesterday that it was negative……crapola. Not that I was wishing for RSV—Bud had that when he was a baby and it was a very scary thing—but I worry about the lifelong stigma of asthma. I guess we’ll be talking about it more at her 6-month visit at the end of the month.

Did I mention that we had a bowling party for some of Bud’s friends and cousins on Sunday to celebrate his 5th birthday? I haven’t uploaded the photos yet, but he had the time of his life. I’ve seen him play with his same-age cousins before, but to see him interact with all of his friends was a really neat thing. All of the parents stuck around too, so we didn’t have to keep an eye on renegade children. I’m glad to have been able to do it for him. Sunday night before bed he said “I really love you Mom, thanks for putting my party together for me.” My grown up little man.

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  1. I hope Liv doesn’t have asthma! Fingers are crossed.Torsten is the same way about meds and sickness. He refuses to take anything and then moans that he’s dying. It’s like, I can’t help you if you refuse to help yourself, buddy!

  2. Helen was tested for RSV awhile ago aid it was negative. Hopefully it’s just all of the winter crap and not asthma.

  3. Oh, independence is so bittersweet for the parents. I hope it wasn’t the last kiss by far. Sorry your family has been so sick. Ick.

  4. I feel like I could have written this same post. except Bea really did have RSV and now she has “the 10 day flu” as her doctor calls it. Don’t worry about the asthma if that’s what it is – I was so flipped out when we found out O had it at like 10 months. but the routine medicines are so good and so easy. Plus sometimes they just grow out of it – which O did. Now he only needs meds when his allergies are bad or he gets a reaaly really bad respiratory virus. It sucks but it is totally livable.

  5. Aw, that’s too cute about Punky Bruster. LOL

  6. Crossing fingers for you and anti-asthma. Though I have to say I’ve had asthma since I was wee and I’m remarkably well adjusted and normal. RIGHT???!!!

  7. OK, the Bud story about the kiss is so funny. What a kid. And your little own Punky Brewster there too! Ha!I hope that Liv doesn’t have asthma, but I know it’s so treatable now. It sonuds like Bud’s birthday party was a hit. Yay!

  8. This makes my eyebrows knit together. Brother had breathing treatments when he was a baby and I was really worried about asthma, but when I talked to the Dr. about it (repeatedly) I was told that they didn’t diagnose kids until after they were 2. Low and behold, Brother doesn’t have asthma. His breathing problems stopped right around then.Not to say anything about you/Liv/your doctor/a diagnosis. It just confuses me how something that is supposed to be science can be so subjective at times.


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