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I’m Seasonally Affected

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Maybe it’s because it’s so grey, cold and dreary, or maybe it’s because all of these yahoo conspiracy theorists are discussing our demise in 2012, or maybe after all of the gifting of Christmas and Bud’s birthday I’m coming down off of some kind of high. Whatever it is though, I’ve been a little bit blech , if you will, and I think the way to solve it is to do a giveaway.

I’m not going to make it a gimme though. Oh no. I am going to give you a quiz. And the person who scores the highest will win something, hand picked and not yet determined by me. I need an excuse to browse all of this delicious clearance anyway!

SO! The quiz…it is about me. And don’t worry, my geniuses, it is multiple choice. I am the final ruler on the grading, and I may give partial credit for wrong answers if you amuse me. Just saying…

Today is what? Thursday? And we have a long weekend coming up? I will keep this open through Monday at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time. I will deliver the results sometime Tuesday, along with the correct answers and explanations.

You can leave your answers right in the comments, or email me. Whatever works.

Soo…without further ado:

1. My pseudonym, Saly comes from my actual 1st and middle names. What are they?
a. Sandra Lynette
b. Sarah Lynn
c. Sara Lynne
d. Samantha Lynn

2. My favorite part-time job when I was in school was:
a. Working as a spaghetti gal at Fazoli’s. It was all about the breadsticks.
b. Serving up mashed potatoes at Boston Market
c. Selling bras and underwear to both male and female strippers at Fredericks of Hollywood.
d. Slicing sweet potato fries at a hole in the wall called Barnacle Bills.

3. At my wedding:
a. 2 of my gay friends who were not the other’s date, hooked up in the woods behind our reception site.
b. Hub and 3 of my cousins danced topless for the crowd.
c. One of our guests brought their dog, and after a few drinks, paraded him out on to the dance floor.
d. The priest had to stop our ceremony twice to use the bathroom.

4. The most pain I have ever been in was:
a. while pushing out 10lb 2oz Bud
b. while delivering Lucy with no epidural
c. after breaking my toe while running around our apartment with my pants around my ankles.
d. With kidney stones while pregnant with Lucy

5. In college, I majored in:
a. music education and business
b. business and elementary education
c. beer, sleep and Chinese food
d. all of the above

6. The first time I kissed a boy:
a. was the summer after 8th grade, and I was with my 2 best friends and one of their boyfriends.
b. I screamed “WHAT THE HELL” when said boy put his tongue in my mouth.
c. I was 15 years old and it was Hub.
d. Both a and b
e. Both b and c

7. I am deathly afraid of:
a. Birds
b. Mice
c. Snakes
d. Dogs

8. I haven’t been to very many “main stream” concerts. My favorite
concert experience was:
a. Alanis Morisette the summer after my senior year, on the lawn at Six Flags
b. The Monkees, a concert that was so overwhelming for me I actually burst in to tears when they started singing.
c. Simon and Garfunkel, just after Bud was born, that was just a huge phenomenon.
d. Kenny Rogers outside at The Casino, where he waved to me from his limo on his way out.

9. I had very high aspirations for my life when I was a child. When I
grew up, I wanted to be:
a. a GOGO Dancer
b. A school bus driver
c. A chiropractor
d. An air traffic controller

10. I am overly freaked out by:
a. feet
b. cleaning out a hairbrush
c. anything that flashes
d. things that ding

That’s it!! Have fun!! See you Tuesday!

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  1. I do not know enough for this, and yet I’m answering anyway.1. b or c…. um, I’ll go with b2. no idea – c3. hmmm… b?4. d5. d6. e7. c8. a9. I seriously hope a10. aObviously, I have no freaking idea and these are all guesses, except 1, which is a narrowed down guess. And frankly, I think putting both those two choices is a little unfair. 🙂

  2. Are these answers actually contained in your past posts? If so, how do I not remember them? Am typically not a skimmer. On a few I answered with what MY answer would be if I wasn’t sure so we’ll see how that works out for me. heh1. c2. c3. oh how I wish there was an all of the above but I’m going to say C4. d5. d6. e7. a8. c9. b10. aI’m usually good at multiple choice. That’s how I got through college so we’ll see if that skill holds up for me!

  3. okay here goes nothing1. C2. C3. A4. C5. D6. E7. B8. A9. B10. AI FEEL LIKE I FAILED THE TEST

  4. Fana- I think some of them are in some shape or form.

  5. 1c 2c 3b 4d 5d6c 7a 8a 9b 10a Multiple choice always screws me over, even when I think I know the answer!

  6. 1. C2. A3. C4. D5. B6. C7. C8. B9. D10. B

  7. 1. C2. A3. A4. D 5. B6. E7. C8. D9. A10. AFun!

  8. I think I know at least SOME of these.cballcddbabdFun fact! *I* went to an Alanis concert the summer after my senior year! It was in Austin.

  9. This is such an awesome idea. I might steal.1. c2. d3. a4. d5. b6. d7. a8. b9. a10. a

  10. 1. c2. d3. a4. d5. d6. e7. b8. d9. b10. aThis is fun!!!

  11. Let’s see if I can keep up my hard won title of “Reader who creepily knows too much about you.” Maybe. It could happen.1. C2. C3. C4. C5. A6. D7. What? No rabbits? Ok, B.8. D9. A10. D

  12. I feel like I should know most of these. Though, I fear my memory will fail me, and I don’t want to spend hours going through your archives. So, here is my best shot.1. C2. C3. A4. A5. A6. A7. B8. A9. D10. ASuch fun options. I can’t wait to see the answers.


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