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WINNER!! And Answers!

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This was fun! I was dying to see what you guys would say. I have tallied the answers and the clear winner is Pocklock who got 9 out of 10 right! WOW!! I would have to say those were some pretty powerful guesses! Props out to Jess, Shauna and Bananafana who each got 6 right too.

So here are the actual answers, and Pocklock—I am emailing you now!

1. My pseudonym, Saly comes from my actual 1st and middle names. What are they?
Sara Lynne

2. My favorite part-time job when I was in school was:
Selling bras and underwear to both male and female strippers at Fredericks of Hollywood. this was definitely the most interesting job, EVA. Plus I got a 40% discount. Another fun fact- this was the only job I was ever fired from—for being late. They fired me and gave me the option of working my shift that day or just going home. Um, didn’t you just fire me? Everyone who worked there was a bitch anyway.

3. At my wedding:
2 of my gay friends who were not the other’s date, hooked up in the woods behind our reception site. TRUE STORY!! One of said friends came alone and the other came with one of my girlfriends. We noticed they were gone and couldn’t find them and then as some of my family was leaving, there they were exiting the woods sans shirts and carrying a blanket and a boom box. My friend K had never been more embarrassed and to this day I wish HIM a happy anniversary on my anniversary. It’s hysterical what happens when there is freely flowing booze!

4. The most pain I have ever been in was:
With kidney stones while pregnant with Lucy This was hands down the worst feeling of my life—I actually did do the other 3 painful things, but this SUCKED. I was actually hospitalized for 2 days. When we were in the emergency room with a ton of dirty vagabonds, Hub called my OBGYN and demanded that they admit me to the maternity ward. He stayed on the phone and argued for 15 minutes until they finally gave in and he wheeled me down there himself.

5. In college, I majored in:
a. music education and business
b. business and elementary education

Anyone who picked A or B got the point here. I started off in Music Ed and then changed to Elementary Ed. When I went back to school, just before getting pregnant for the first time, I was majoring in business. I never was much of a drinker, though Hub and I did spend a lot of time just sleeping in our apartment or at the Chinese Buffet.

6. The first time I kissed a boy:
a. was the summer after 8th grade, and I was with my 2 best friends and one of their boyfriends.
b. I screamed “WHAT THE HELL” when said boy put his tongue in my mouth.
c. I was 15 years old and it was Hub.
d. Both a and b
e. Both b and c

Hub and I have been together 4EVA but no, he was not my 1st kiss. We began dating the summer after I was in 10th grade. Which gave me 2 years of making out with random boys. And boy, did I.

7. I am deathly afraid of:
a. Birds

Yeah, birds freak the absolute shit out of me. When Hub and I were first hanging out, we had gone to Six Flags and were having a picnic in the parking lot. One of our friends threw some bread to the birds and they swarmed us. I rolled underneath the car without even thinking about it. Even watching birds on TV totally gives me the heebs.

8. I haven’t been to very many “main stream” concerts. My favorite
concert experience was:
The Monkees, a concert that was so overwhelming for me I actually burst in to tears when they started singing. Go ahead and call me a dork, it’s ok. I love the Monkees so much! I grew up watching them on Nick at Night and had all of my parents old records. Their music was a huge part of my childhood. So yes, when they took the stage and burst in to song, I burst in to tears.

9. I had very high aspirations for my life when I was a child. When I
grew up, I wanted to be:
a. a GOGO Dancer
b. A school bus driver

Yes, I wanted to be a GO GO Dancing Bus Driver. High aspirations indeed!!

10. I am overly freaked out by:
a. feet

Your feet my feet, anyone’s feet. BLech BLech Blech. Don’t even bring them near me. The exception is baby feet. I love them! And bite and kiss them!! My kid’s anyway. Probably not your kids…..

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  1. Darn! I didn’t get a chance to enter! (@#$% job keeping me from blogging WHEN and HOW LONG I want to!) And I would have had at least 7 right!

  2. Damn! I thought I had a shot at winning this one, and I DID, but clearly I am not nearly good enough. Hmph.


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