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Friday Free For All–25

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Well, If Tess can reinstate Fun Fact Friday, I can also reinstate my Friday Free For All, at least in limited form since my blogging has been sporadic at best lately. I’m going to further copy her though by giving you my own 25 Random Things list. And, this will be a different list than what is on Facebook……So if you are my friend there, you get a 2 for one. LUCKY YOU!!!

1. I am thinking of selling off all of my baby stuff.
2. I don’t necessarily think that I want another baby.
3. I think the idea of another baby is more appealing than actually having and caring for another baby.
4. And you know, doing all the baby stuff again.
5. I was thinking of Craig’s List but I don’t like the idea of meeting in a dark alley or some shit to exchange my goods for cash.
6. Plus, if I change my mind later, I can buy new stuff.
7. I found the Bumbo to be completely unusable and stupid.
8. It kind of terrifies me that I feel like I don’t want any more kids, especially because the desire was strongly there, even right after Liv was born.
9. I feel minorly bad too, because Bud really wants a brother.
10. Secretly, I don’t mind that Lucy finds her way in to our bed on most nights.
11. We’re thinking about getting a puppy.
12. I am not a dog person. Seriously. At all. Hate them.
13. I think this has a lot to do with having to get rid of many pets when I was a kid on account of moving etc.
14. Plus, I hate wet dog smell.
15. I feel uncomfortable drinking socially because of my mother, which is a shame because I really do enjoy a good glass of wine. I’m afraid of enjoying it too much though.
16. I am in a rut in re: my appearance. I am not happy with my body right now and I don’t care to dress it in anything other than jeans.
17. For whatever reason though, I can’t stay motivated to eat well or exercise.
18. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Depressed? Lazy? Who knows?
19. I am a huge procrastinator.
20. I hate it when people my age dress like teenagers.
21. I think I hate it more that I am old enough to say “people my age”
22. I am starting to feel the effects of not taking a vacation last year. And no, my maternity leave doesn’t count. I need to go somewhere.
23. I get bent out of shape when hub implies that the kids are any sort of nuisance.
24. It’s totally ok if I imply it though.
25. I think that maybe I’d like to be a Midwife or a Doula

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  1. I just wrote #12 on my 25 Things list a couple of days ago. So glad I’m not alone on that one.

  2. #23 – me too! He has far less patience with them and I always find myself saying “he/she is only 8/5/3!”

  3. 9. If you had another kid, there’s no guarantee it would be a boy. So this doesn’t really count as a reason unless you’re prepared to keep having them until Bud gets his brother.

  4. I don’t think I have anything specific to chime in with, but I liked your list a lot.

  5. I love that these are ALL NEW.FWIW (i.e. NOTHING), I think you would make an excellent midwife/doula.

  6. 23 & 24–Yes.25–How cool!

  7. I always think I would like to be a midwife or doula too. Especially after watching my friend’s doula in action last week. What an important job, and what an honor!Then I think about routinely getting called out of bed in the middle of the night. And then I think that particular career might have to wait until my kids are grown!

  8. LOVE the list.I have been seriously contemplating becoming a lactation consultant….And maybe we need to start gearing up some serious plans for the Blog-vention.

  9. Ah! I want to be a midwife/doula, tooooo! Also: an environmental biologist. Also: a novelist. When do you have to stop saying, “When I grow up I want to…” Because I still say that. A lot.


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