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Pet(ty) Peeve(ish) Things

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Because I’m still in a bad mood (MOSTLY because my SIL is getting in to town 5 hours sooner than scheduled):

• When I say “Hi, how are ya” to somebody and they only say “hi” back without asking how I am in return. I realize that neither of us cares how the other one is doing, but it’s rude not to ask.
• When people soap up their hands in the bathroom before they’ve gotten them wet. It totally just skeeves me out.
• The fact that someone invited me to order lunch with her today, but she is not going to get it until 1:15. For the love of GOD, that is practically dinner time.
• That no matter how often I sweep or vacuum, my entire floor is always covered in crumbs.
• When people say “If you have any questions, please see Sara or Myself.” Can I see yourself soon? GAH!
• I hate it when people try to tell me things about my kids. Not like “Bud did X at summer camp today……” but like when people act like they know MORE about them than I do. “Oh that Liv, she sure has a temper on her…Lucy loves to eat olives…” As if they are educating me or something. When all of my kids were babies, they were grunters and people constantly told me, “oooh, he/she is making a big mess in the diaper!!” and I’d be all like, “no, the grunting is just what they do…” and people would ARGUE with me. This is One of Those Things I Think About. Like all the time.
• When people spell out “OK.” OKAY!! This is perfectly acceptable…BUT NOT TO ME!!!
• People sending read receipts on their email. I always refuse to send the receipt. SCREW YOU and your attempt to create a paper trail!!

Ok(ay)! I am eating my arm because my lunch still isn’t here!!

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  1. haha! I totally spell it OK. Is that OK? (Okay?!)

  2. I say OK too. OKAY is what bugs me. (for no good reason)

  3. I hate it when people say "She's going to get lunch for Saly and I." You don't say "She's going to get lunch for I." It's WRONG and I HATE it.

  4. Nowheymama– ME TOO!!!!!!

  5. I must defend SOME of the folks who don't say "How are you?" back. I'm always conscious of asking that of someone I pass in the hall when I DON'T HAVE TIME to retrieve the answer. Why ask the question if you cannot stay to actually HEAR the answer? …So if I walk by you and don't say "How ya doin'" back it's because I'm in a hurry and DON'T want to be rude!(But I acknowledge that SOME folks just don't care how you're doing. I'm not one of them, OK?)…I once had to edit a transcript where the original typist typed "O.K." "OK" and "OKAY." Good grief! AT LEAST BE CONSISTENT!

  6. OMG I love this post. All of it!

  7. What bugs me isn't when people don't ask it back (if there's no time or whatever), but if they don't ANSWER. I don't like feeling like I've been left hanging. If I say "how are you?" and all you say is "hi"? You're LEAVING ME HANGING.

  8. The myself/me thing. YES. TOTALLY.And the how are you thing bugs because it is SO EASY to say, "good, you?"! That is only ONE MORE SYLLABLE!I, uh, do the okay thing, though. Totally. Heh.

  9. I hate it when people write 'Thanx' – it doesn't seem like much of a time savings over Thanks. 'Thx', on the other hand, is totally acceptable.I do the same thing with Read Receipts. I can't fathom why they would be required, except to document how long it took you to respond.

  10. LOL this is utterly hilarious! just made my morning :DI also hate when people spell "okay." it's just weird.

  11. I remember these Canadian people who said the #1 thing they hated about Americans is when they say thank you, we usually say, "uh huh" instead of you're welcome. I've become totally obsessed with never saying "uh huh" now.

  12. I agree with EVERYTHING except the okay thing, because I am the opposite. But other than that we are SISTERS.


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