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I’ve been having a good time reading my blog posts from last July. Fun times!! I can’t believe I looked like that!

Liv will be a year old 2 weeks from today? Where does the time go? I’m not going to speculate, but surely there must be some conspiracy. She still SLEEPS like a newborn, so she most definitely can’t be 1.

She took her 1st steps Saturday night, in front of Hub’s mom, brother and sister. She wanted BIL’s container of wipes. She has consistently taken between 2 and 6 steps when prompted since then—FOR US. Not at daycare or for my mother. She wants everyone to think we are liars, apparently.

This whole week feels like a time suck because I am working Saturday. Normally, Wednesday is like, WOOO! Halfway there!!! Not so much today though. I am off Monday though, and then have 3 days off the following week. And then some time in August……And then Summer will be over.

This post is going nowhere and I am off to a retirement lunch. (not mine, sadly)

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  1. Yay first steps! At least you had witnesses once.

  2. She cannot be almost one. How is that possible?!

  3. Yay, she's walking! Wait a minute…wasn't she just born like…yesterday. Wow time flies!

  4. How is she that old?I never remember to look back a year. I need to do that soon, I bet it would be fun.


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