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I want credit for not sobbing and collapsing in to a heap of mess…

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Today I put my firstborn on the bus for the first time; it is his first day of Kindergarten. Those of you who have done it probably know that it is a bittersweet event. On one hand, here is my baby, MY BABY, on a bus and then in the hands of strangers for the better part of 8 hours. He may have to make INDEPENDENT DECISIONS! And OMG! My BABY!! But really, on the other (slightly more rational [ish]) hand, I know that he is ready. My husband and I have prepared him for this day in the best ways that we could. He is a smart, well rounded child. The real question should be ‘is kindergarten ready for him?’.

The bus left and we waited a few minutes before heading over to the school. Hub pulled in to the parking lot and we took a spin around. Bud was already off the bus, standing on the steps of the school. As we left the parking lot, he saw us and waved. It was no big deal.

I, er, may or may not have driven by the school again on my way to work.

So now we wait for him to come home and hear how his very first school day went. I wonder if anyone will ask me how MY first day of having a school aged child went.

I want my baby back.

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  1. Awww. How tragic and yet adorable. Glad he made it to school on the bus with no mishaps.

  2. I bet he was excited!Wait until you have to put your Baby baby (Liv) on the bus. Eek.

  3. I spent all day on my son's first day planning to YANK him RIGHT OUT OF SCHOOL and HOMESCHOOL HIM because I COULD NOT STAND THIS!

  4. I mean his VERY first day. Not, like, this year, when he's a fifth grader.

  5. I think you did better than I would have.Love the photos. He looks ready to take on the world!

  6. OMG, your baby! I can't even imagine.

  7. How can your heart sing and sink at the same time? That's true love I reckon. Congrats on holding it together my friend. You've done such a great job with Bud. Love, Paprika

  8. oh my lord you're killing me – we're only a year away from that!!!Hope he has a great day (and you do too)!


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