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“Hey everybody, I’m on no sleep, no sleep!. You don’t know what it’s like in there; all night long things are creeping and cracking. And that red light is burning my brain!”

The baby was up like, 25 times last night and I am exhausted. It wasn’t her usual “I’m up for a little snuggle” deal, but rather, “I’m up!! Let’s play!! Is that the kitty???” She didn’t want to lay in her bed, or even lay on me, which usually works. She was UP. And screaming “OUT! OUT! OUT!” and when I got her out, she wanted to wake daddy and Grandpa. She just goes and goes all day long, and when it carries over in to the evening…we’re all screwed.

Yesterday ended up being not too horrible, although Bud already came home with a note that someone in his class was sent home with head lice. Apparently, one of the first things they did was take a walk down to the nurse for a healthy hair check. I’m just hoping that it was early enough where we don’t really need to worry about Bud’s exposure. He enjoyed school, he told me, although, he was miffed that he ‘didn’t learn anything’.

The last Buffalo preseason game was last night, and Hub got free tickets, so he and Bud went after Tae Kwon Do. I got home later that I would have liked because of stadium traffic, but once there I packed up the girls and headed to the farmer’s market. It is pretty close to our house and I see it all the time, but never remember exactly where it is. In any case, I had been meaning to go, and the girls were up for a trip, so we went. And it was cute. Small, but cute. We picked up some grapes and fresh baked goods, and Lucy picked out some smoked sausage for dinner. By the time we got home and I cooked it up, it was nearly bedtime. The boys were on their way home, so we waited up to see them. Everyone was in bed a bit later than I would have liked, but in all, I think we all had a pretty good day. (you know, prior to the baby being up al night)

I am really looking forward to the long weekend. Aside from playing some baseball in the yard, we have no plans for the first weekend in a very long time. Personally, I am hoping to get out from under some of the clutter in the house that has been compounded by having all of Hub’s mom’s stuff there, in addition to some strategic relocation of some items from when our sewer backed up in to the basement earlier in the week. (yeah.) I also need to set a plan for picking up some fall clothing for Bud and Lucy, who have close to nothing for the upcoming season. (yes, Lucy got all new summer clothes for her birthday in August. SRSLY. But I am not mad; I look at them as an investment for Liv.) Anyway, I’m thinking of checking out consignment. Does anyone have any experience with that?

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  1. I am so looking forward to the long weekend. To the point where I'm finding it hard to focus on work today. And I have actual stuff to do, with deadlines and everything. Ugh.

  2. Enjoy the long weekend! I'm laughing at Bud being miffed about not learning anything at school – ha!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Glad Bud's first day was good…well minus the lice scare. (On the first day? Wow! I hope that's not an indication of how the rest of the year will go.)I hope that you get everything done you want to this weekend. I have plenty to do around here, but we'll be out of town relaxing and visiting family instead. It's hard…I know. 😉


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