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We had such an amazing long weekend that I needed a day to recoup just to write about it. (ok, not really, heh.)

When I picked the girls up from my mother’s on Friday Lucy mentioned that she had seen on the news that there was a chicken wing festival in town, and boy does she love chicken wings! Hub and I had been to Wing Fest before, and didn’t necessarily plan on going, but how can you resist this face?

Lucy and I went on our own Saturday afternoon and spent a couple of hours sampling chicken wings. I don’t remember where they were from, but this was a sea salt and vinegar wing, which we decided was our very favorite.

While we were there, plans were in the works for Hub and I to spend the evening out. My parents took the big kids overnight (for the very first time–OMG) and Liv stayed home with FIL because I wasn’t ready to hand her over to someone overnight. Hub and I saw a late showing of ‘Inglourious Basterds’, which was an amazing movie ( a testament to how good it was is the fact that at least 75% of the movie was subtitled, and Hub didn’t even mind) and then had an appetizer at The Cheesecake Factory. We took some cheesecake home because it was after midnight by then, and had dessert and coffee in front of the TV.

Sunday morning Hub and I relaxed a bit, basking in the glory of having only one child, and then we worked around the house and yard for a bit. My parents brought the big kids home in the afternoon and stayed for the evening while we barbequed and played with the kids in the yard. It was a nice relaxing evening.

We got up on Monday itching to do something, but really had no plans or ideas. We thought about checking out a park in Erie, PA that has been suggested to us several times, but came upon the Erie Zoo instead. The kids slept on the way down, about 1.5 hours, and we had a really good time. It was Liv’s first time at the zoo, and although she thought all of the animals were “woof woofs” she really enjoyed herself. Especially in the petting zoo with Hub. We stopped for dinner on the way back and were home fairly early; Bud had school in the morning.

(on our way home)

I feel like this weekend was the precursor of fun autumn weekends to come; this is by far my favorite time of year. Soon, we’ll be apple picking and taking our yearly trip to Letchworth, and then heading off to the pumpkin patch. And let’s not forget Pumpkin Spice Lattes, now.

Hooray for fall. And Hooray for spending time with my wonderful and beautiful family.

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  1. Love that last pic!!!I'm so jealous you got to see that movie.

  2. Your kids are so flipping adorable! I love that last photo. :)Lucy and I could be BFFs – I'll take her to Buffalo Wild Wings. 😉

  3. cute pics!! I looooove wings too, I'm with Lucy!

  4. Hooray, indeed! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend and that you're so excited about fall.

  5. i love reading your blog. :)i also love chicken wings.and pumpkin spice lattes.


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